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It wasn’t a major event or crisis-inspired epiphany that led Daniel Klein to consider how to spend his old age; rather, it was a trip to the dentist. Confronted with the choice to spend a year of painful dentist visits and thousands of dollars on implants to avoid “an old man’s goofy smile,” Klein decides instead to go to Greece and ponder how to enjoy an “authentic old age” — one that doesn’t involve pain or the “youth implants” that came to symbolize the American desire to stay forever young. Surrounded by the great thinkers of the world, he soaked in the wisdom of the philosophers such as Epicurus and began to appreciate the joys of old age. These included time to play, the ability to talk to anyone — including attractive women — without being considered a threat or possible seducer, and the enjoyment of friendships without worrying about ulterior motives.
It’s not every author who can quote both Epicurus and Sinatra with equal attention, but Klein can and does, and it’s just this skill that makes Travels With Epicurus a delightful adventure.