What Does Good eLearning Have In Common With Good Movies?

You may not have realized it, but eLearning and movies have many things in common. Both seek to captivate their audience and produce a memorable story, and both can fall flat if not produced correctly.

The Correlation Between Good eLearning and Good Movies

Have you watched a movie lately – a really good one? Were you enthralled? Couldn’t take your eyes off it? Luckily, I did have this experience the other day. Like any other instructional design nerd, I immediately made the correlation between this marvelous movie experience and eLearning. In fact, I may go so far as to say that movies and eLearning share commonalities in their creation process and overarching theory of entertainment as well.

“Now, hold on there” you may be thinking. “Movies are purely for entertainment, while eLearning is more serious. It’s … well … learning. No entertainment there!” However, what if I changed entertainment to engagement? Would that make a difference? Now we’re talking!