XO Tablet Tutorial

– XO. Explore your Dreams. Change the world.

– Each dream category contains apps, ebooks, and information, all organized for kids by ability, instead of by age, because XO knows kids learn at their own pace.

– The content is created in partnership with all of these great companies.

– In addition to parental controls for safety, with the XO tablet parents have the opportunity to play an active role in monitoring their child’s development. It is easy to see how your child spends their time on the XO and where their interests lie by simply selecting your child’s name in the Dreams view and accessing the journal.

– The XO Tablet was developed in partnership between Vivitar and OLPC, that’s One Laptop Per Child, a non profit foundation that brings learning to chidren around the world.

– You bet. You can change the environment to Spanish or English and learn and play in either language by selecting the green stripes icon to go to the settings.

– And the XO can be shared between three users, even younger kids graduating from beginner tablets. Each user has his or her own settings and parental controls.

– And XO converts to a fully functioning android system. With a simple drag and drop, I have full access to the internet and the Google Play store with millions of apps.

– So congratulations! You now have a tablet that helps your child in his or her journey through the world….