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3 Play Media

There’s the old way of doing captioning and transcription.

The way that’s expensive, complicated, and well, unreliable.

And then there’s the 3Play Media way – The most advanced solution of video accessibility ever. It’s captioning and transcription, utterly transformed.

3Play Media makes it simple to upload your video and get it back with near-perfect captions and transcripts – in just about any format.

But that’s just the beginning. With 3Play Media, the text of your video comes alive. Every word becomes searchable and interactive.

It’s now possible to clip a video section and share it – right down to the exact quote or scene.

And you can even edit your captions later on the fly.

Simply put, 3Play Media opens more possibilities for your video than ever before.

Now, once invisible text can be found by search engines.

Now, people are engaged and interacting with your video.

Now, you’ll wonder how you ever did video any other way.

3Play Media Captioning and Transcription, Transformed.