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Commercial Business Free Voice Over Scripts

1-800-COLLECT Commercial

By dialing 1-800-COLLECT, you can connect with an automated system that will call a designated receiving party directly for a fraction of the cost of operator-assisted collect calling. Your call will go through in seconds, and you can save up to 44%. The instructions are simple, stop dialing zero and call 1-800-COLLECT today!   […] Read more


Do you want more than 200 channels at the tips of your fingers? With digital cable, vibrant colors and rich vivid detail leap off the screen and High-quality sound fills the air. You can order movies in an instant or on-demand, pause, fast forward, or rewind with no contract and no extra equipment. Call 1-800-OK […] Read more

3 Play Media

There’s the old way of doing captioning and transcription. The way that’s expensive, complicated, and well, unreliable. And then there’s the 3Play Media way – The most advanced solution for video accessibility ever. Its captioning and transcription, are utterly transformed. 3Play Media makes it simple to upload your video and get it back with near-perfect captions and […] Read more


At 3Com we combine cutting-edge development and research with international support and service, and world-class manufacturing facilities. From your neighborhood grocer to global enterprises, 3Com products and services provide resources to users nationwide. We launched a new industry twenty years ago by developing original technology allowing personal computers to join and create a stronger network. […] Read more

60 Second Explainer

The challenge facing consumers today is that we get up to 5,000 marketing messages a day. Too often these ads are used to interrupt consumers’ entertainment, instead of adding value to the context the message is served. As a marketer, it’s tougher than ever to break through this clutter. Our efforts to grab the attention […] Read more


Have you ever woken in the middle of the night with a grumbling tummy? You search the cupboards and the fridge and there’s nothing. Not even a doggie biscuit. You consider trying to cook but remember the last time you tried that and the fire alarm woke the entire complex. Then you remember 7-11. You […] Read more

A Better Way

There is a better way to market your business. Get rid of the stress and desperation that overwhelms you, along with revenue drains and the mountain of bills. With postcard marketing, we can help you reach out to new customers who haven’t found you yet. The team at Postcard Plus provides the design skills and […] Read more

A Diamond is Forever

Diamonds invoke powerful metaphors, they are indestructible and old as the Earth itself. They symbolize eternity, security, and eternal love, and mark the commitment and loyalty shared by two people. A promise of protection and devotion to your future together.   […] Read more

A Pomo Linux Operating System Script

Pomo Linux operating system used a command-line interface with elegant and comfortable features that are both powerful and simple to use. One of the most dependable computing solutions in the world allows you to enjoy powerful out-of-the-box features such as: Full multimedia support with extreme ease of use Access to over 30,000 software solutions most […] Read more

A.G. Edwards

At A.G. Edwards we are committed to being a reliable source of investment ideas and resources to help you reduce your tax burden. We are here for you year after year, and the time to start planning is now. In today’s high tax brackets, your A.G. Edwards investment brokers can anticipate your needs and support […] Read more