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Commercial Business Free Voice Over Scripts

“Poof” by leawms

Have you ever noticed what happens when you put in a movie? It’s amazing. You just stick it in, Sit back, Hit play, and… Poof. The rest of the world just disappears. Gone. Suddenly, it’s just you and your family. You remember them. Your family. Some of them look like you. At Movie Gallery, we […] Read more


Still dialing zero to call people collect? Stop! It’s expensive. Instead, dial 1-800-COLLECT. Dialing 1-800-COLLECT instead of zero, saves the people you call up to 44%. Just dial 1-800-COLLECT, follow the simple instructions, and your call will go through in seconds. Calling home? Save yourself money! 1-800-COLLECT. Dial it today […] Read more


Vibrant colors leap off the screen in vivid rich detail, premium CD quality sound fills the air, over 200 channels of entertainment at your fingertips. Digital cable, it’s the best choice in entertainment anywhere. Call 1-800-OK Cable now for a $9.95 connection. And only digital cable offers brand new features like movies on demand, order […] Read more

3 Play Media

There’s the old way of doing captioning and transcription. The way that’s expensive, complicated, and well, unreliable. And then there’s the 3Play Media way – The most advanced solution of video accessibility ever. It’s captioning and transcription, utterly transformed. 3Play Media makes it simple to upload your video and get it back with near-perfect captions […] Read more

30 minute guide

Why I Wrote Hooked For an entrepreneur, there is always one nagging question that has to be answered every single day: What should we build next? As the CEO of two tech companies, this question awaited me as soon as I opened my laptop in the morning and was still on my mind when I […] Read more


Nearly twenty years ago, 3Com Corporation launched a new industry by developing the first technology for networking personal computers. Today, 3Com is a company that maintains its leadership role with innovative solutions spanning the scope of communications. From the global enterprise to the neighborhood business, from the Internet point of presence to the home office, […] Read more

60 second explainer

The challenge facing consumers today is that we get up to 5,000 marketing messages a day. Too often these ads are used to interrupt consumer’s entertainment, instead of adding value to the context the message is served. As a marketer, it’s tougher than ever to break through this clutter. Catching the consumer’s attention and moving […] Read more


So it’s 2:00 in the morning…and you’re starving. Nothin’ in the fridge, and nothin’ in the cupboards. You don’t even have dog biscuits hangin’ around. You think about cooking, but then you remember the 3-alarm fire you started last time you tried using the stove. Well, check out 7-11. There’s gotta be one right near […] Read more

A Better Way

[0:01] When you’re business is struggling, stress and desperation seems to take over your life. [0:04] Ineffective marketing can leave you with a sinister stack of bills and plummeting revenue. [0:12] But there is a better way. [0:14] Postcard marketing can help you get the word out about your business. And your friends at PostcardMania […] Read more


Design the perfect diamond engagement ring in just minutes. You’ll have the rest of your life to design the perfect husband. Visit “a diamond is forever.com” […] Read more