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If you’re in good health and a non-smoker, you may qualify for up to 30 year term life insurance. Call us today at 1-800-571-TERM, or visit us on-line at www.zurichdirect.com. Zurich Direct. The way life should be […] Read More


Right now, in the skies above America, two XM Radio Satellites are broadcasting over 100 digital channels of music, news, sports and talk coast-to-coast. All for less than ten dollars a month […] Read More


Know what it costs to create, produce and manage all your company’s documents? Know how to cut that cost by up to 40%? There’s a new way to look at it. Xerox the document company […] Read More


The blues ain’t nothin’ but a good man feelin’bad, and it seems like there was no better way to get to feelin’ bad than looking at my big old monthly cell phone bills. But, then I discovered wireless world and their solution to “big old cell phone bills” and now instead of singin’ the blues […] Read More


We’re not a new company, asking you to gamble your business with ours. We’re not a bank or factoring company looking to expand into anything. WinFunds is a division of an industry leading funding and servicing company that specializes in temporary staffing firms. We only serve the staffing industry and have done so for over […] Read More


With a Windows XP Media Center Edition PC, the programming schedule revolves around you. Pause, rewind, and digitally record your favorite TV shows. Watch your DVDs. Download, upload, and make your own music mixes, videos and digital slideshows. Because it’s a full Windows XP-based PC, it can also deliver your e-mail and the WEb. To […] Read More


If you have Windows Millennium or Windows 98 second edition, you can take advantage of it capability to share an internet connection over your home or office network. This is one of those “dream come true” features that folks have been asking Microsoft to provide for years. Now it’s a reality. Multiple PC’s can use […] Read More


If only for a moment, she defies gravity. Her grace and form are flawless … a tribute to perseverance and tenacity. She is one of the many amateur athletes who dedicate themselves not just to winning, for that is a short-term goal, but to the challenge of competition which propels them to be the best […] Read More


Now, buying a wedding gift is easier than deciding what to wear to the wedding. With over 1 million wedding registries from all the top stores, we bet you’ll find your friend’s registry and the perfect gift in less than 10 minutes. WeddingChannel.com. Everything you need to plan the perfect wedding. Yours […] Read More


For Jen, truth was relative. Then she got Washington Mutual free checking. She liked the “No hidden fees” and they inspired Jen to be more truthful. Way to go Jen. We appreciate your bold honesty […] Read More