If you’re in the market to liven up your décor, here are some racy new items you can buy now to express your colorful side!

Why not invest in functional art? Charlotte Beyorlin’s geometric rugs blend swatches of velvet, suede, wool and leather to create a truly sensory delight.

Fly away on this zany propeller stool. Aviation inspired legs support, an elegant velvet cushion, blending frivolity and form.

Hand-stitched leather lamps can really lighten up a room. Mix and match the textured shades for a funky effect.

Hang on to these fuzzy hangers from Domis. Unique bristles deter wrinkles and make a colorful addition to a bare closet.

And here’s another way to add some edge and comfort to your home. These authentic Tibetan lamp accessories are very hot among today’s designers.