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In an all-out effort to clean up the city’s streets, San Francisco’s public works department inaugurated operation scrub-down. Three times a day, city workers move through a 30-block area, cleaning the pavement with high-pressure hoses, rousting squatters and taking away shopping carts filled with refuse and personal belongings.   Operation scrub down is the brainchild […] Read more


This may look like the front of a vending machine. In fact, to make a purchase, all you do is dial a code and a robot sales clerk does the rest.   Instead of just sodas or crackers, this machine offers more than five hundred items – like panty hose, shampoos, lotions, pacifiers, tooth paste […] Read more


If you’re in the market to liven up your décor, here are some racy new items you can buy now to express your colorful side! Why not invest in functional art? Charlotte Beyorlin’s geometric rugs blend swatches of velvet, suede, wool and leather to create a truly sensory delight. Fly away on this zany propeller […] Read more


We are very excited to enter our twelfth year of providing worldwide adventure travel programs for both the seasoned traveler and those venturing out for the first time. We offer both all-women’s and coed programs to domestic and international destinations. Each year we reflect upon our original mission … “to create travel opportunities that promote […] Read more


This Official Alaska Vacation Planning Video is filled with plenty of breathtaking scenes. But more important, it’s loaded with all the information you need for planning a trip to Alaska. Like when to go, what to wear, and what to see. So if you’ve got Alaska on your mind, you’re going to love this video […] Read more


Congratulations, you just bought Allstate home owners insurance. And now, if your home or property suffers a covered loss or is damaged, you’ll be covered, and that’s a good feeling. However there are some things that can’t be replaced, so that’s why it’s so important to prevent the damages from occurring in the first place […] Read more

ALLTEL’s 401K Plan

If the concept of long-term investing is new to you, you’ll profit from learning a few basics of investing. Watching this video is a start. We’ll provide you with a general background on investing and specific information on the funds available in the ALLTEL 401K plan. We can’t advise you which investment selections are best […] Read more


Welcome aboard American Airlines coast-to-coast service. We’ll be happy to do everything possible to make your flight with us a most pleasurable experience. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about your flight, your destination, and the equipment on which you are currently flying. In addition, we are proud to present […] Read more


Film, even from its silent days in the 1920s, has proven to be an art form particularly suitable for handling intimate psychological subjects. It is a medium of observation, the almost clinical recording of human behavior, with every nuance of expression and gesture enhanced in the close-up. As a highly controlled flow of images, film […] Read more


Since 1869, the American Museum of Natural History has sponsored thousands of scientific expeditions around the globe in an effort to unravel the world’s greatest mysteries. It is this passion to discover and to understand that inspires Discovery Tours, the Museums’ educational travel program. Participants in the Discovery Tours travel program have the unique opportunity […] Read more