Big City Hypnotist 2

Well looky what we got here. Mr. Big City Hypnotist done come into our town all dressed in his fancy tuxedo. I’m willing to bet you is one o’them there funny boys from the west coast, now ain’t ya? Thinkin’ you can come in here and wave your hands in people’s faces, make ’em quack like a duck! Your kind really tears my hide! Now I’m gonna give you fifteen minutes to head out into them there woods behind ya before I gits my hunting rifle and my dogs out the pen……

(finger snap!)

First thing I’m gonna do though, is sign over this here pink slip for my brand new 4×4 flat bed truck you was admiring. Then I’m a gonna git down on my knees and beg you to let me fill that there tank with free gas! Weee doggie! I’m gonna have some fun showing you just who’s boss round these parts, Mr. Big City Hypnotist!