Big City Hypnotist 3

I just can’t understand why you and your kind think y’all is so high and mighty, Mr. Big City Hypnotist! All that there magic taint notin’ but fancy engineering what’s sposed to make ordinary folks think you is some kinda magician. Taint nothing but trickery, shadows and light’s all ’tis. Y’know jus cuz we lives out here in the brush, don’t means we is dumb as a fence post! You just wait right here, son. Imma get the towns people together and were gonna run you out of this town on a rail!

(finger snap!)

But first you is gonna elope with my 19 year old daughter, and in the morning, when you is long gone, we aint gonna remember your name, or your face, or where you ever came from, Mr. Big City Hypnotist!