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A Real Voice Performance

You see it in audition specs: “Must sound real, conversational, and not announcer-y.”   But what does that really mean?  How can a “real” voice performance sound unique and engaging with personality and style while delivering the required copy points? VO actor, coach, and author Elaine A. Clark of ElaineClarkVO.com break it all down in her […] Read more

CallMe to the Rescue for Remote Voiceover

Discover the number one rescue for remote voiceover that will complement your fantastic talent, setup, and clients. So – you’ve done all the clever stuff, including: home studio sorted – check decent microphone – check headphones – check recording and editing– check ”the voice” of course – check that all-important booking – check (fingers-crossed) But […] Read more

Demos and Coaches in 2023

More people than ever are taking an interest in voice acting. The good news is that despite an influx of curiosity about the industry, there remains a surplus of work. This is when compared to the number of quality talent available to do it. The bottom line is that if you have the chops, the […] Read more

Linkedin for Voiceover to Grow Your Business

Most people think LinkedIn is a place to go when looking for a job. But did you know that LinkedIn for voiceover is actually one of the most powerful tools available for freelance voice actors? And the free version is all that most of us need–no need to purchase the premium version! Here are three […] Read more

The Basics of Voice Over Narration

Like many arts, voice over narration appears simple and sounds attractive when done well and is complicated or bland when done poorly. In its basic form, narration is simply storytelling. The process of telling how certain events unfold. Inherently we are all storytellers. Some of us are better at it than others. Professional voice over […] Read more

The Voice and The Performer

I’m Sonja, VO Casting Specialist at Backstage. My voiceover career started in my senior year of university. I took a speech class as an elective, and my professor told me I had a million-dollar voice and needed to do something with it. He introduced me to the online casting community, and I jumped right in. […] Read more

Voiceover and The Storyteller

We are a glorious team of alchemists, wizards, magicians, wizardess, heroes, and sheroes! The miraculous voiceover and the storyteller! We are Soldiers of ‘the word’ who battle daily to ignite a dying light! We have slowly, over time, fallen prey to the lethargy of spirit that has invaded the planet. You are all astounding vehicles […] Read more

Voiceover Journey

Ah, voiceover… a career that can be challenging and rewarding if you play your cards right.  It’s not something I ever anticipated doing, nor did I seek it out until I had some personal revelations.  I began my voiceover journey in Maryland.  Learning theatre, learning Shakespeare, and doing all the school plays I could. I […] Read more

Voiceover Networking and Gratitude

Voiceover Networking and Gratitude; The road to voiceover success can sometimes be challenging! I have been actively working in the VO industry since 2011 but started pursuing VO in 1999! There were a lot of years after my initial training and first demo when I just simply didn’t know how to market myself. It was […] Read more

Working in Anime

Working in Anime is phenomenal. Bang Zoom! Studios are located in Burbank, California, and we are a production/audio-post company specializing in anime, animation, and video games. My name is Mami Okada, and I’m originally from Japan, but I have been living in Los Angeles for over half my life.  I’m in charge of casting and […] Read more