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Most people think LinkedIn is a place to go when looking for a job. But did you know that LinkedIn for voiceover is actually one of the most powerful tools available for freelance voice actors? And the free version is all that most of us need–no need to purchase the premium version! Here are three reasons why you should start using LinkedIn today for your voice over business:

1. Benefits of LinkedIn for Voiceover

One of the biggest hassles of email marketing is forever wondering if the targeted person is even receiving your message.
Do you have the right email address?
Did it get sent to the dreaded spam folder?
What if they never even see your carefully crafted email?
You’ve got nothing to worry about when sending a message through LinkedIn!

Once you send an initial connection request to a prospective client on LinkedIn and they accept, they will now be able to receive any message you send them. Plus, that small act of saying “yes” to you by accepting your request actually gives you a small stepping stone to building a fantastic professional relationship!

Bonus tip: Never send a generic connection request. Always personalize it to include the person’s name with a greeting that reflects something you can use to build common ground.

2. Linkedin Is Known for Keeping Things Professional.

It’s all business all the time on LinkedIn, although that doesn’t mean you can’t show some personality! The advantage here is that your LinkedIn connections are expecting you to post content that reflects your work. This includes things you’re learning as a businessperson, ideas you want to share that would help other professionals, and anything else that adds value to your network.

Your connections are even more likely to be receptive to a tasteful request to collaborate! Keep your communication more tailored to what’s in it for them, not what you want from them. Putting the needs of your prospective client first will help keep your networking attempts from sounding spammy and off-putting. Try to anticipate what they’re looking for and be as helpful and problem-solving as possible.

Bonus Tip: When completing your profile, look at everything you include through the eyes of your prospective client. For example, when adding links to your work in the Featured section, make sure to include the voiceover genre in the title. If your prospect is looking for someone to hire for an upcoming commercial, they can easily find and listen to that type of work instead of making them sift through endless improperly named links. Don’t forget to use white space and bullet points to save time when reading through your About section!

3. One of the Largest Databases of Accessible Professionals for Voiceover

Whether you specialize in commercials, eLearning, corporate narration, or another genre, you have the unique opportunity to reach out to voice hirers directly for work! The two most common ways to find great clients are to search by job title or by company name. You can then scan the list of employees.

If you’re stumped on where to even start, it’s best to begin in your own backyard.
Try a simple search for video producers in your city or metro area, and you’ll get great results!

The bottom line is that there are so many truly amazing people on LinkedIn. It is totally possible to build lasting business relationships with them and maybe even become their go-to voice!

For more information about how to use a free LinkedIn profile to grow your voiceover business, check out my on-demand e-course at www.TheVOEdge.com

LinkedIn for Voiceover by Tracy Lindley