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Discover the number one rescue for remote voiceover that will complement your fantastic talent, setup, and clients. So – you’ve done all the clever stuff, including:

  • home studio sorted – check
  • decent microphone – check
  • headphones – check
  • recording and editing– check
  • ”the voice” of course – check
  • that all-important booking – check (fingers-crossed)

But the studio is miles from home . . .CallMe to the rescue.

Remote Voiceover Solutions

CallMe is a remote contribution service widely used by Broadcasters to put Guests, and Reporters Live on-air with 22kHz music-quality audio. It does this without the need for special hardware or having to download a software codec.  Both participants only need a computer or other device with a web browser. This means that you can be available all the time and from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

Easy Connectivity With Rescue for Remote Voiceover

You, as the Host, log into your CallMe online account, where you can easily create ”guest links” for the studio or the company you work with. This URL link can be sent via email, text, WhatsApp message, or even as a QR code for instant connection. When both of you have your CallMe pages open, a single click of a button connects you live, just like making a phone call – but with full Broadcast quality.

Remote vs. Internet Connection

There is always the danger of internet issues causing glitches during Live sessions. So, to manage this, CallMe lets you initiate lossless local recording at each end of the connection. This is much superior in quality to Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc. It is even better than using ISDN.  Cleverly, the recordings are transferred in the background automatically for later editing and transfer.  Multiple takes can be included in any session, all of which are stored as FLAC files. This is the standard for lossless audio quality and is compatible with most editing software.

Keeping Your Voiceover Safe

Audio is stored in the browser’s cache with no third-party server involved. The connection itself is encrypted, and everything complies with GDPR Privacy regulations. CallMe can be used in conjunction with normal messaging applications (i.e., WhatsApp), where CallMe handles the audio whilst the video follows the normal path.

A CallMe-diRECt subscription costs a few pounds per month for unlimited use with a daily option that offers all this for less than the price of a cup of coffee. Sign up for a free trial on the CallMe website www.callme.fm/d, and please do not hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to hear what you think.

Remote Voiceover by CallMe
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