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Commercial Business Free Voice Over Scripts

Tennessee Whiskey Ad

DIRECTION: Commercial campaign to run on cable broadcast and web for an alcoholic beverage. These commercials celebrate Appalachian culture and the region in general. Is should be respectful and reverent treatment of the script. It would be nice if the voice was deep, with an accent from the region, but not overpowering. It does not […] Read more

Testimonial for Cleaning Service

Sherry and her team have been cleaning my home for about five years. They’ve been with me through jobs, celebrations and major milestones. They’ve also been with me through the worst time of my life. My son went to Iraq in 2003, and was killed in action while serving his country. In the meantime, his […] Read more

The Brain Balance Key Learning Program

Finally, an effective solution that can give your child the keys to success! The Brain Balance Key Learning Program at Brain Balance Achievement Centers. The Program combines our rich understanding of the brain’s neuroplasticity with cutting-edge technology and a curriculum that adheres to the new Common Core Standards. No other learning center offers this unique […] Read more


With what seems to be a sea of options for business on the internet, it’s hard to know where the opportunity lies for your business. But there is help. It’s called The Business Internet: simple ideas that can help make the possibilities of the Web a practical reality. Streamline process online. Fulfill customer needs better […] Read more


I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean me…win the lottery? I couldn’t believe it! I mean, at first, I figured it was just my husband…or even a couple friends playing a joke on me. But when they gave me the money…well then I knew it was for real. I’ve been playing those same numbers for about […] Read more

The Home Depot

The Home Depot is more than a store. We offer free workshops for do-it-yourselfers of all ages and experience levels. Whether it’s supplies, tools, or, just a little advice. We’ve got you covered. So stop procrastinating. Come to The Home Depot and start checking off some of those items on that “to do” list. The […] Read more

The Jefferson

All Men Are Created Equal. All Hotels Are Not. Declare Your Independence. The Jefferson. 1200 16th Street NW, Washington D.C. For reservations call: 202.448.2300 Online at JeffersonDC.com The Jefferson The Pursuit of Happiness […] Read more


It does the Internet It does digital music It does digital movies It does digital photography It burns CDs and DVDs It even runs Microsoft Office And because its flat screen effortlessly adjusts to any position you want, it does it all more personally than any other personal computer in the world The new iMac. […] Read more

The One Card

Call it bad luck or some kind of dulled survival instinct but, doesn’t it always seem like the line you pick to stand in ends up taking the longest? It never fails. Things are moving along great, and then, right in front of you, someone starts writing out a check. And then, you have to […] Read more

The Pearl

Introducing the Pearl. A residence that’s much more than a home. It’s a legacy. A lifestyle. A rare waterfront haven that will forever transform your definition of luxury. The Pearl is a work of art at the forefront of design. With Twelve foot ceilings and dramatic full height windows. The finest natural finishes and latest […] Read more