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Commercial Business Free Voice Over Scripts


Fortunately, there’s a global delivery service as good as UPS. UPS Worldwide. Just imagine, the same fast, reliable service you’re used to over here, all around the world. We’re so confident we’ll get your shipment there, we’ll give you your money back if we don’t. That’s a promise that sounds good in any language. So […] Read more

USAA Retirement Guide

40 years ago,He wasn’t worried about retirement.He’d yet to hear of mutual funds,IRA’s or annuities.Back then,He had something more important to do,He wasn’t focused on his future,but fortunately somebody else was.At USAA we provide retirement solutions for our military,veterans and there families.From Investments…To Life Insurance…to Health Care Options.Learn more with our free USAA Retirement Guide.Call […] Read more


Nearly four decades ago, two titans of the hospitality industry came together to create a unique and powerful venue management solution. Thirty-fve years later, with a renewal rate of ninety-four percent, USB remains the gold standard in venue management. Each year, fifty million guests will experience the latest hit musical, the conference highlight of their […] Read more


So you’ve decided to have a baby. Now comes the first new decision as a parent. Which hospital should you choose? Just ask the parents of some 3200 babies born at the Valley Hospital last year, and they’ll tell you that it wasn’t just the nice surroundings that brought them here, but the security of […] Read more

Valleyview Automotive

Are you ready for this? Valley View Automotive’s got all of the hottest SUVs you’ve been looking for! This week only, enjoy a test drive and the opportunity to drive one of these powerful vehicles off the lot for half the price! Yes, half the price! Now’s the time to get yourself to Valley View, […] Read more


Adapting to an evolving market. Keeping an eye on the future, as well as the pulse of today. Clear and candid discussion and advice. What does your investment company offer? Vanguard. Client owned, client trusted […] Read more

Verified by Visa

When you shop online this holiday season, get added security with Verified by Visa. By using a personalized password for purchases, Verified by Visa ensures that the person using your Visa card online is, in fact, you. This service is available only from Visa. And is free to cardholders. All you have to do is […] Read more


You want reliable wireless minutes, you need a reliable network. That’s the Verizon wireless network. A simple truth missed entirely by this shopper. She’s looking for a signal. Produce? Nope. Canned Goods? No Signal.. A glimmer of a connection in chips and dips and then sadly, nothing. With the Verizon wireless network she could be […] Read more


. . . We’re standing by ready to listen to your needs and share all the ways we can save you money. In fact, we’re so confident we’ll know how to save you money, we’ll give you 30 free minutes of long distance if we don’t, no strings attached. So call Verizon at 1-888-247-8587 before […] Read more


Now, you can get unlimited long distance, plus unlimited local, toll and five calling services. Since you’re a valued Verizon customer, we want you to be among the first to know about something new that can really stretch your dollar. Introducing Veriations Freedom featuring unlimited calling to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada – anytime, […] Read more