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Promo & Trailer

The Beltway Bunch

Watch out Capital Steps! There’s a new musical political satire song-and-dance troupe on the block: The Beltway Bunch! From scandalous sexcapades and puzzling policies to current Californian conundrums and the newest New York news, the Beltway Bunch will take you coast to coast on a raucous road trip regaling you with routines about what makes […] Read more

The Car Connection

It wasn’t just any car lot… It was the Car Connection. They have a fine selection of cars, trucks, SUV’s and mini vans. Buy sell or trade. Mechanicing, North Carolina emissions inspections, they do it all. Buy here, pay here! (Disclaimer) All prices include finance charges, tax and tag separate , insurance and a valid […] Read more

The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain

All this fuss. Over what? Is it a hill? Is it a mountain? Perhaps it wouldn’t matter anywhere else. But this is Wales. The Egyptians built pyramids. The Greek built temples. But we did none of that. Because we had mountains. Yes, the Welsh were created by mountains. Where the mountain starts, there starts Wales. […] Read more

The Evil Within

The survival horror video game, The Evil Within, was developed by Tango Gameworks and was praised for its atmosphere, gameplay, and horror elements. The players have a third-person perspective and can learn to fight, scavage for supplies, and avoid dangers like traps and bombs. Sebastian Castellanos’s character gets pulled into a distorted world of nightmare […] Read more

The Global Golf Adventures

Global Golf Adventures brings you destinations from around the world. A behind the scenes look at different clubs and courses. A glimpse into culture, the people and the history. Plus, the best places to go and most fun to be had. It’s a true golf expedition. And the only place to find it is on […] Read more

The History Channel Promo

How we lived. Who we loved. And what we overcame. A world premiere event, The Time Capsule. Tonight at 7 Eastern, 10 Pacific on The History Channel […] Read more

The Insider

Thursday on the Insider – Kathy Lee’s biggest interview ever, and you won’t believe who it’s with […] Read more

The Lone Ranger

I want to show you something. From the time of Alexander the Great no man could travel faster than the horse that carried him. Not any more. Imagine Time and space under the mastery of man. Power, that makes Emperors and Kings look like fools. Whoever controls this controls the future […] Read more

The Missing

The Missing, now on DVD and Blu-ray. On two discs with special features including the short films of Ron Howard, 3 alternative endings, 11 behind the scenes featurettes, and much more. The Missing-own it today on DVD and Blu-ray […] Read more

The Most Interesting Man In The World!

His blood smells like cologne; his hands feel like rich brown suede! His charm is so contagious; vaccines have been created for it! Alien abductors have asked him to probe them! When it’s raining it is because he is thinking about something sad! Years ago he built a city out of blocks; today over 600,000 […] Read more