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With Every Game.

With every game comes competition. With competition, there’s winners and losers. Aren’t you glad you’re not listening to those losers right now? Real rock 103.9 […] Read more

Women’s Soccer

In just nine days, the superstars of women’s professional soccer hit the field live. Saturday, April 13th. Only on PAX TV. The W-USA. It’s on […] Read more


On January 30th… The crowd will shake… The earth will rumble… 30 superstar wrestlers of the WWF bang heads in a winner take all rumble… 30 wrestlers… One ring… Something’s gotta give… Superstar wrestling on ESPN […] Read more


When is the last time you were in a cage? Well, its time to feel the wrath of the steel bars in an all out, no holds-bar cage match featuring Jim Hardy v. Rory McAllister this Thursday on WWE Live only on TNT […] Read more