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Promo & Trailer

The Western Tradition—the Byzantine Empire

They called it the Second Rome. A great city astride Europe and Asia and it’s vast empire which would preserve Greco-Roman culture and transmit it to the West when Rome itself lay in barbarian hands. The Byzantine Empire, this time on The Western Tradition […] Read more

The Wire Promo

Listen carefully HBO presents an all new dramatic series The Wire HBO’s new dramatic series The Wire Premieres Sunday June second at 10pm 9 central Only on HBO […] Read more

Through The Wormhole

I am Like you Fascinated by the mysteries around me. By the strange forms of matter… that pass through us all. By the parallel universes that live beside us. By the holes in time and space… that beckons us to worlds beyond our wildest imaginings. I find the question of these mysteries intriguing. And like […] Read more

TLC – A Wedding Story

TLC invites you to a day of I Do’s. From deep beneath the sea, to the hills of New Mexico, it’s a blast from the past and back to the future as dreams come true. So save the date, because it’s not your ordinary wedding, on special back to back episodes of A Wedding Story. […] Read more

TLC – Home Improvement

This house has undergone some home improvement. They’ve added 2 feet! It’s Baby Week on TLC. The love. The labor. And the lullabies. New babies making their big debut to adoring fans. So, crawl up to your TV and settle in for Baby Week. Beginning March 1st on TLC […] Read more

TLC – While You Were Out

Now on TLC a whole new kind of surprise. Here’s how it works…we redo a room while your loved one’s away, and then find out how well you really know him. Catch a sneak preview of TLC’s new series coming this fall, While You Were Out, next on TLC […] Read more

Training Promotional Video

Script Details Script Notes: We are looking for a talent that has a dramatic, inspiring tone. Script: Whether it’s mapping out your teams strategy, collaborating with other AHA leaders to share best practices or taking time to create a successful blueprint, one fact holds true: the shift toward a faster, smarter and more social workplace […] Read more

Transformers-Optimus Prime

With the Allspark gone,we cannot return life to our planet.And fate has yielded it’s reward,a new world to call home.We live among its people now,hiding in plain site but watching over them in secret… waiting…protecting. I have witnessed their capacity for courage,and though we are worlds apart,like us there’s more to them than meets the […] Read more

Travel Channel – Promo

Home is where your heart is or in this case where you park it? Tonight on travel channel presents. At eight (8) Nothing like a relaxing day at the trailer park. Step inside of these mobile mansions. At nine where do the wealthy go to ruff it – the world’s richest RV parks naturally. Then […] Read more

Travel With Epicurus by Daniel Klein

It wasn’t a major event or crisis-inspired epiphany that led Daniel Klein to consider how to spend his old age; rather, it was a trip to the dentist. Confronted with the choice to spend a year of painful dentist visits and thousands of dollars on implants to avoid “an old man’s goofy smile,” Klein decides […] Read more