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Commercial Public Service Announcement (PSA) Free Voice Over Scripts


It’s right in your own backyard. While it may be hard to believe, roughly five million Americans don’t even know where their next meal will come from. In communities just like yours, there are many who need help. Join people across the country who are coming together with AARP Create the Good, to end hunger. […] Read more

Above the Influence (PSA)

I thought I respected myself. That is, until I saw myself get high. It’s just an ugly side of myself that I didn’t recognize. Saying and doing things that just weren’t me. I do respect myself, that’s why I don’t do drugs […] Read more


If there’s a place in your heart for a wild mustang or burro…and you’re ready to adopt… come to Ingalls Park in Norco this Saturday and Sunday. The Bureau of Land Management will offer 80 wild horses and 20 wild burros to qualified adopters through its Adopt-A-Horse or Burro Program. These beautiful mustangs and burros […] Read more

After School Program Brand Video

The read should be warm, authentic and real and should not sound like an “announcer”. (Script) For those with the fewest resources and greatest needs… At a critical time in their lives when all children deserve the chance to discover their own interests and talents, be inspired and encouraged We’re an organization with a unique […] Read more


It’s much better fresh … cold … or warm. If it’s not clear, it can make you sick. Animals, trees, insects, and plants use it too. What is it? It’s air. That substance that none of us can live without. THE NATIONAL WILDLIFE FEDERATION is doing its part in America’s quest for a healthy environment. […] Read more


How do kids get alcohol? From legal aged friends and even siblings. Talk with your kids and get a free copy of “let’s keep talking” at millerbrewing.com Live responsibily…Miller Brewing Company. Milwakee, Wisconsin […] Read more

Alcohol PSA

Never provide alcohol to a minor. Think through it, don’t do it. A message from the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office and the Office of Traffic Safety. To learn more, go to safestate.org/trace […] Read more


Do you know what these items have in common? They can kill people who are severly allergic to them. Things as simple as peanuts, milk, eggs and shellfish can cause a severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. As many as 1 out of 7 people may at risk for anaphylaxis. Other causes include insect stings, antibiotics, […] Read more

Alzheimer’s 2

Remembering is difficult. But even more difficult if you have Alzheimer disease—a disease that affects the brain, erases memory and eventually takes life. The Alzheimer Society is fighting back. It provides support, information, and funds research into finding the cause—and a cure. Until then, remember this […] Read more


Is it just forgetfulness…or Alzheimer’s disease? Memory loss … Asking repeated questions … Trouble using words. When signs like these begin to affect everyday life, they may not be a part of normal aging. They may be signs of Alzheimer’s disease, an incurable, progressive illness that robs patients and their families of a lifetime of […] Read more