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Commercial Public Service Announcement (PSA) Free Voice Over Scripts

Be Fire Ready

If you’re in two minds, leave early. The best way to prepare for this fire season, is to stay informed and plan to leave early before you see smoke or fire. Talk to everyone you live with, so you all know when you’re going to leave and when you’re going to go, if a fire […] Read more

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

What’s more romantic than cuddling old dogs, cooing over kittens, walking potbellied pigs, cleaning bunny pens and shoveling horse manure? Just ask Takiko May and John Ewing. Instead of sipping mai-tais in Maui, they spent their honeymoon as volunteers doing just that at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah […] Read more

Bill Mccollum For Congress

Results … few people in office have been able to deliver results like Bill McCollum. Take the Naval Training Center for example. The Pentagon said close it! Bill McCollum said not so fast. The decision was reversed … 18,000 jobs saved. Results … that’s what we get from our Congressman … Bill McCollum. Paid for […] Read more

Bipolar Alliance Support Group

When experiencing depression, I couldn’t get out of bed or focus. My goals and dreams drifted away. I got my life back through the help of a support group of people who had been where I was. They helped me see that my life wasn’t limited – that I could still achieve my dreams. Fifty […] Read more

Blythedale Children’s Hospital

Founded more than 100 years ago, Blythedale Children’s Hospital is a 92 bed non-profit children’s hospital serving youngsters from birth through age 19. Through its inpatient and day hospital programs, it treats more than 300 children daily making it one of the largest children’s services in the state. In addition, the hospital provides diagnosis and […] Read more

Born To Read Program

One of the most important activities to share with your baby is reading. That’s why The Brown County Public Library is offering the “Born To Read” program for teen parents. Tutors provide coaching, a video offers tips, and librarians distribute books and other materials. The program is made possible through a grant from The Federal […] Read more

Boys & Girls Club

Put this card in the hands of a child and there’ll be no room for a gun. A needle. Or a knife. It’s only a piece of paper, but that little membership card has helped keep millions of kids off drugs, out of gangs and in school. To learn how you can help the Boys […] Read more

Breast Cancer Research

Remember your best friend from childhood? Remember swearing you’d be best friends forever. Well she just found a lump in her breast. One out of every eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. With your help, we will change that statistic. So join the fight. If not for yourself, for someone you love […] Read more

Breast Cancer Research 2

In the U.S. alone, over 200,000 women and 1,300 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year – 40,000 will die. Let’s not rest until we win the battle against breast cancer. With your help, we can erase this disease – for good. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation […] Read more

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Breast Cancer doesn’t just affect women. Consider the families and friends whose lives are also changed. In the U.S. alone 215,990 women and 1,450 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and over 40,000 will die. We cannot rest until we win the battle against breast cancer. At the Breast Cancer Research Foundation […] Read more