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Commercial Public Service Announcement (PSA) Free Voice Over Scripts

Consumer Information Catalog

The Consumer Information Catalog from Pueblo, Colorado lists more than 200 free and low-cost, helpful, federal publications. You’ll get the latest info on topics like investing your money, getting fit, parenting, even getting federal benefits. For the latest free catalog, call toll-free 1-888-8-PUEBLO […] Read more

Consumer Information Center

A message from the Consumer Information Center…in Pueblo, Colorado. If you’d like to…give your house some minor tweaks, fix up teeny, weeny leaks…Run a shop that’s all your own…buy yourself a cozy home… Steer away from crummy deals, protect your car from roof to wheels… Trim your tummy, thighs and hips…go on safe, exotic trips… […] Read more

Coors Foundation For Family Literacy

For the 27 million Americans who can’t read, competing in today’s marketplace is nearly impossible. And unfortunately, the future for children of illiterate parents is not much brighter. You can help fight illiteracy by reading to a child. And by giving a child a book. Brought to you by THE COORS FOUNDATION FOR FAMILY LITERACY. […] Read more

Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption

Today, in the United States, over 134,000 children wait in foster care for adoptive families. Many are siblings that need to stay together, others are older or may have special needs. Yet they all have something in common: a desire to be part of a permanent, loving family. If you’ve ever considered adopting please call […] Read more

Domestic Violence

She doesn’t talk about her bruises. She doesn’t talk about her depression. She doesn’t talk about her missing days at work. So how do you tell her you’ve noticed? If your friend is a victim of domestic abuse, talk to her about it and don’t stop talking until the violence stops. To find out how, […] Read more

Don’t Drink And Drive

#1: My older brother had everything going for him. I always looked up to him. He just had a way with people. But last Saturday night, Tom left us … forever. And all because of a drink he should never have had. You see, in high school, the other kids think it’s cool to drink […] Read more

Don’t Drink And Drive 2

[…] Read more

Don’t Drink And Drive 3

A drinking and driving conviction could cost you more than 20,000 dollars. You could lose you license, your friends, or your life. Fairfax Community council on impaired driving and the government of Fairfax want you to arrive alive. Drive sober […] Read more

Drug Abuse PSA

Drug abuse may not be an epidemic, but it is a major public health problem. The impact on American society is staggering. Each year, drug abuse kills 14,000 Americans and costs taxpayers nearly $70 billion in unnecessary health care costs, extra law enforcement, auto accidents, crime and lost productivity. Illicit drug abuse hurts families, businesses, […] Read more

Drug Free America

As a parent, you want to so everything you can to keep your kids from experimenting with drugs like pot. It would be a whole lot easier if they came with instructions. But they don’t. We can help. Play with them. Read to them. Sing with them. Teach them a joke. Laugh. Listen. Talk. Be […] Read more