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Ambit Corporate Presentation Now why should you start an Ambit business? If you’re not sure, ask yourself these questions: • How secure do you feel about the future of your job? • Could you use some additional income? • Are you completely debt-free? • Would you like more time with your family? • If you […] Read more

Amica LIfe Insurance

Amica Life Insurance Company Amica Life Insurance Company was incorporated in 1968 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amica Mutual Insurance. Our goal was to further broaden the types of financial protection available to Amica policyholders. We believe in a consistent, conservative philosophy of investment, which translates into a strong and stable company for our policyholders. […] Read more

Amica Life Insurance Company 2

We believe Amica policyholders are well-informed individuals capable of making their own decisions. We sell life insurance with a no-pressure approach. Our job is to guide policyholders to the type and amount of insurance that will provide the necessary protection. We strive to provide quality, value-oriented products. Our salaried representatives are trained to help you […] Read more

Apple Computer

Apple Computer began with a simple idea: That the power of computing should be available and accessible to everyone. On that premise, the personal computer revolution was launched. Our vision of empowering the individual remains the driving force behind Apple, and we continue to deliver information tools that enhance the way people work, learn, and […] Read more


Millions of people are diagnosed with cancer every year. This disease hampers the prospects of many for a long and full life. At Aventis, we offer innovative drugs for the treatment of common cancers, such as breast or lung. Our scientists are utilizing new technologies, including gene therapy and immunology to develop new agents for […] Read more

Aventis 2

Everyone wants to live life freely. Unfortunately, for more than 5 million people around the world that’s just not possible. Simple movement that most of us take for granted is quite painful to them. They suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. At Aventis, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, our scientists are combining their in-depth know-how […] Read more

Banking – E-learning 4

In this example, you’ll explore the structure of Trades. First you’ll click through set of real portfolios. Then you’ll open a new window showing the first level in the portfolio hierarchy. Click ‘Structure’ to open the details […] Read more

Banking E-learning 1

When you first open a Client Interaction, you will be on the Identification Page. This is the default page for all client interactions. Please confirm the following information – Client Name, Date of Birth, and Social Security Number – before continuing […] Read more

Banking E-learning 2

As you have learned, the easiest and most efficient way to open a New Customer Session is to swipe the customer’s pin card. If the customer does not have their pin card, you can use their Checking or Savings Account number – but you must also ask for additional identification […] Read more

Baxter Industries

Baxter Industries has made significant progress since it announced last November a series of strategic actions to reduce costs, improve shareholder value, and extend its leadership position worldwide. The actions address the dramatic changes underway in the U.S. health-care system, and accelerate growth of the company’s medical-technology businesses worldwide. Baxter has reorganized its U.S. sales […] Read more