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At HealthyPlace.com, we believe the more you understand about Schizophrenia, the more likely you are to get the full benefit of treatment. We want to help you learn as much as you can about this devastating illness and to offer you the support you need to begin treatment […] Read more


With HighFi, IT teams program networks in real-time to ensure the highest quality for business apps. IT operations serve ever-growing number of devices without worry, by predicting network issues before they actually happen. By adapting to the ever-changing nature of all things connected, IT security offers the best defense for BYOD and IoT […] Read more

Historical Overview Video

As we embark on our next one hundred years we reflect on the moment. A moment that belongs to each of us. It’s in this moment that we might choose to step forward. With courage and integrity to answer the call A call that rings out inside each of us. In our minds In our […] Read more

Hoechst Celanese Employee Training Film

Here at Hoechst Celanese, we make chemicals. The chemicals we make are used in turn by other companies to make the products we come in contact with every day. Hello, I’m (insert name), and for the next few minutes, we’re going to take a look at just some of the many ways Hoechst Celanese Chemical […] Read more

Home Depot (training Film For Puerto Rico)

Customer service has always been important at The Home Depot. Without customers there wouldn’t be a Home Depot. Today when we say customers first, we mean helping customers first. Helping people as if they were friends or family. Helping people in a way that builds customer relationships and strengthens our foundation of service. Introducing First […] Read more


It’s not often a two-hour ride lasts a lifetime. Talk to most motorcyclists, and they’ll tell you how one ride can get inside of you, and stay with you forever. This same phenomenon happens on another level at every Ride for Kids event. Each ride works to improve the lives of kids who have been […] Read more

Hybrid Cars

If you are having a tough time separating hybrid truth from reality, you’re not alone. The warp-speed adoption of hybrids into popular culture — and into hundreds of thousands of American driveways — has produced more than a little confusion and misinformation. Most industry analysts predict the continued growth of gas-electric vehicles, with estimates ranging […] Read more


IBM has earned a reputation for honest, ethical dealing in all aspects of its business. As a government contractor, the Systems Integration Division is dedicated to maintaining a similar reputation in the Federal procurement environment. The basis of this reputation is IBM’s conviction that ethical behavior and competitiveness are not mutually exclusive. What’s more, IBM […] Read more


Like many people, you may have discovered that your place to do business is right in your own backyard. The IBM PS/1 is perfect for you. It runs the software small businesses need. The PS/1 is expandable, so it can grow as your business grows, even outside your home. And because it’s from IBM, it’s […] Read more

Industrial Technologies

Industrial Technologies designs, develops, and markets censoring, monitoring, processing, and inspection technologies, that operate under demanding factory floor conditions found in a wide range of industries. The Company’s products are specifically designed to improve the overall quality of industrial operations. Current customers include leading aerospace, communications, and industrial equipment suppliers, as well as a wide […] Read more