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Digital R&D

Medicine has advanced dramatically over the past 30 years. Clinical trials have not. In many cases, the medicine of the future is still being tested with the same clinical trial infrastructure used in the 1990s. Technology has evolved – so why haven’t clinical trials? Secure digital technology has the potential to improve, enhance, and in […] Read more

Disruptive Innovation

How does a small, young company beat an industry giant on its own turf? Disruptive innovation. It works like this: Big players focus on sustaining innovation, upgrading existing products and services to attract higher-paying customers. Disruptive innovation creates new markets and reshapes existing ones. To achieve growth in a fast-changing world, you want to be […] Read more

Division Of Marketing Practices

The Division of Marketing Practices responds quickly and decisively to the rapidly changing world of fraudulent marketing practices. It enforces federal consumer protection laws by filing actions in federal district court on behalf of the Commission to stop scams; prevent scam artists from repeating their fraudulent schemes in the future; freeze their assets; and obtain […] Read more


New Dove Face Essential Nutrients Pillows are revolutionary. Add water, and they foam with a nutrient-enriched lather. The textured side removes dull skin. The other side gently cleans new skin. Leaving your face glowing with health. They’re a lot of care in one little package. Learn more at www.dove.com […] Read more

Employee Orientation Excerpt

Let’s transition away from the Design Center and make our way to the Sales Counter. While the visual aspects of the Sales Counter are not going to generate quite as many “wow’s” from our customers that the Design Centers will – making sure they are kept clean and organized is very important to appealing to […] Read more

Employee Training

Our compensation plan is designed to support our vision, values, and growth objectives. This plan allows us to win and retain key talent to support our growth and help us best succeed as an organization. The key to our compensation package is performance. We pay people differently based on their individual skills, experience, and performance […] Read more

Enron Corporation

Enron Corp., the world’s leading natural gas company, today put its Teesside power plant into full commercial operation and brought itself one step closer to becoming the world’s first natural gas major. Brought in on time, on budget, and with record-setting speed, the gas-fired cogeneration plant is producing 1,875 megawatts of electricity and steam for […] Read more

Environmental Defense

Finding new ways to solve environmental problems is nothing new to us. In fact, that’s how we got started. Thirty years ago, we were [Environmental Defense was] just a small group of friends living on Long Island. Lawyers and scientists by profession, we were united by a shared concern for the natural world. When we […] Read more

Ethan Allen

Fashion you relish. Quality you expect. Service you can depend on. Furnishings you can afford. Choices galore. This is the colorful image of Ethan Allen we want consumers to know. The wide spectrum of our image is expressed in many ways: through our galleries, our advertising, and our team of professionals who represent Ethan Allen […] Read more

Ethyl Corporation

In 1994, Ethyl entered into a long-term supply agreement with The Associated Octel Company Limited of London, under which Octel provides Ethyl with lead compounds. The contract with Octel allowed Ethyl to cease all production of lead compounds. At the same time, Ethyl is distributing for Octel any of its lead compounds that are shipped […] Read more