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Hosting A Tea Party

When thinking about tea parties, do you find yourself overwhelmed with thoughts of the British gentry, scenes from Alice in Wonderland, Victorian décor, blue haired ladies, and pinky fingers stuck up in the air? If so, you’re right—and wrong […] Read more

How To Accessorize A Bedroom

The decorating scheme in a bedroom shouldn’t bore you to sleep every night. Choose accessories that are attractive as well as functional, but avoid clutter. A decorative box is a great hiding place for a remote control, eyeglasses, tissues and other typical bedside paraphernalia. Place a telephone and a flashlight within reach of the bed. […] Read more

How to Build a Deck Attached to a House

Step One – check drainage and grading where the deck will be built and fix any problems. Avoid disturbing the soil where the footings will go because footings need to set in undisturbed soil to prevent settling. Set the ledger against the house wall or other solid structure and attach with lag screws. This must […] Read more

How To Build A Law Practice

Frankly, I expect that many, if not most, of the new lawyers who start their own practices today have no choice. They would prefer to get jobs, but can’t for various reasons, including: 1. They are in the 95% of a law school class who are not in the top 5% of the class. 2. […] Read more

How to Change Your Oil

Plan to change your motor oil every 3000 miles or every 3 months. Getting Ready Step 1. Gather necessary tools and materials. If you plan to change your oil regularly consider investing in jack stands, a socket set, and an oil drain pan […] Read more

How To Read Music

Reading music is often seen as a mysterious and arcane art – but it doesn’t have to be that way! The easy-to-follow lessons and innovative accompanying CD in How to Read Music will show you how to decode those little black dots and, in a short time, you’ll be surprised how fluent you’ve become […] Read more

How To Restart Your Modem

To restart your modem, leave your computer on and unplug the power to the modem (only the modem) for approximately one minute. Plug the modem back in and try to reconnect. If the connection still fails, do the following: With the computer on and modem power on, press the reset button on the back of […] Read more

How to set up an Excel Expense Worksheet

This video will share how to set up an Excel spreadsheet for tracking expenses. First, go to Menu, new, and select Workbook. Click on any cell to get started. I will use cell C2. Name this field something that is meaningful to your business, I’ll use my company name. Right next to that, lets’ title […] Read more

How to tune a guitar

Anyone can use an electronic tuner – but don’t do it! Instead, learn to tune your guitar using your ears. Why? Because this will train your ears to hear pitch. And that’s a fundamental you’ll use forever. In a month just strumming your guitar will tell you if it’s in tune. And hearing is believing. […] Read more

How to use Epipen (for video)

It’s very important to always have easy access to Epipen, and to use it at the first signs of a severe allergic reaction. Here’s how. Remember these two simple steps: Grasp your Epipen auto injector with the orange tip pointing downward. “Blue to the sky.” Remove the blue safety cap by pulling straight up. Do […] Read more