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Financial Privacy

A new federal law gives you some minimal rights to protect your personal financial information. The law gives you the right to prevent a company you do business with from sharing or selling certain sensitive information to non-affiliated third parties. The term “opt-out” means that unless and until you inform your bank, credit card company, […] Read more

Fly Fishing

You are about to start a lifetime trip to a world of discovery. Through fly fishing, you will learn to see creatures invisible to other people. You will discover a new world of literature, new friends, new places – far flung and near at hand, and all interesting. The fly rod is an extraordinary fishing […] Read more

Food lifestyle, Cuban influences

If the sum total of your knowledge of Cuban food is their sandwich .. well, this is for you. Let me share with you the fundamentals of Cuban cuisine, starting with “mojo”. This is the holy trinity of Cuban spice – garlic, oregano and sour orange. You’ll find this killer combination in ninety percent of […] Read more

Free Financial Advice–Welcome

Our goal is to teach and explain the fundamental rules of money, wealth and debt management. More importantly, we’ll teach you a new way to look at your spending, saving, investing and debt management decisions so that you can make informed decisions as to how to optimize and manage your money and debt. Remember, it’s […] Read more

From Grass to Garden

You don’t have to give up much of your lawn to grow vegetables. And in doing so, you might impress the neighbors with a strand of corn or a selection of summer sweet tomatoes […] Read more


Section 3: Whacking Weeds. When weeds do rear their ugly little sprouts, follow the regimen below – the sooner the better. Like unwanted guests, if you allow them to settle in, it’s hard to make them leave! Number 1: PULL. Don’t just yank off the tops; dig up that root system too. Don’t throw weeds […] Read more

Glamour Beauty Tip

How to wear sparkly makeup in the daytime: Think any woman who’s walking around in broad daylight with gold-and-silver slicked eyes, cheeks and lips must be headed to work at the BadaBing? Fuggedaboudit. You can wear metallics to brunch or even your straitlaced office this season. Apply them with a light touch (a little glint […] Read more


Is gold a good investment? Turn to page eight and your instructors will explain the two graphs. The first graph represents the buying value of gold as it changed from 1920 to 1981. We thought you’d remember the title better if you wrote it in yourself. It is: Retained Purchasing Power of Gold. This represented […] Read more

Gold Mastercard

As a valued Gold MasterCard holder, you now have the opportunity to select your own Personal Identification Number. Choosing your own unique PIN makes it easy to remember, and completely confidential. Simply choose any four-digit number. We suggest you choose a number that has personal meaning only to you. Your PIN will make it even […] Read more

Golf Tips Magazine

In the “Star Wars” movies, the Jedi Knights harnessed the mystical powers of The Force to fight the Evil Empire. Wouldn’t it be great to call upon an all-powerful energy to fight ‘Ol Man Bogey? Truth is, you can, by harnessing the forces of simple physics. In order to move any object, force must be […] Read more