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Emotional Quotient

Psychological researchers have found that when it comes to predicting success, your brain power matters much less than your emotional power. They call this emotional intelligence, or EQ – your Emotional Quotient […] Read more


Twice a year, day and night fall into balance, lasting for nearly equal lengths. Known as “equinoxes”, Latin for “equal night” they occur in March and September, and along with solstices, mark the changing of seasons as earth travels around the sun. Astronomers like to describe the equinox within the conceptual celestial sphere. Here the […] Read more

Essential Oils

Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from plants with tremendous healing properties. Using essential oils for healing purposes is often called aromatherapy, which is a holistic treatment seeking to improve physical, mental and emotional health. For over 5,000 years, many different cultures have used these healing plant oils for a variety of health conditions. They […] Read more

Evernote New Enhancements

Popular iOS app Evernote has just been updated to bring a number of customization options and other improvements. Probably the biggest change in version 7.3 of the app is the redesigned homescreen. Along with a revamped New Note button on top of the screen, users can select from the three pictured color themes – light, […] Read more


A photo is made of three channels: red, green, and blue, that when combined form a color photo. For this orange and teal look, we’re going to start by converting from three channels to two channels. To do this, go to the adjustments panel and add a channel mixer adjustment layer. If you don’t see […] Read more

Facebook Etiquette

Hey Facebook users – uh, here are a couple of suggestions if you’re over the age of nine… Some people have this idea that the number of “friends” you have on Facebook is a status of your popularity in real life. That may be true if these “friends” are people whom you know offline, and […] Read more

Family Walk – Radio Program

If you could find a way for mom to lose weight, for dad to prevent a heart attack, and for junior to get hooked on exercise, wouldn’t you do it? Well, put on your shoes and start walking together. In today’s HEALTH TIPS, we take a closer look at the physical, as well as the […] Read more

Fax E-learning

Telephone networks are duplex analog lines and were originally designed to carry only voice signals. But computer data is digital and must be converted to an analog signal by a modem. The sending modem converts the digital data to analog, and then sends the signal to the receiving modem which converts it back to digital. […] Read more

Film vs. Digital Cameras

Traditional film cameras still hold many advantages over digital cameras, starting with their lower average cost. If you plan to travel, you may not want to spend your time worrying about memory cards and batteries. Film cameras use film that is readily available around the globe, and their batteries tend to last exponentially longer than […] Read more

Financial Engines

Financial Engines provides investors with honest, personalized advice and portfolio management. Available online, on paper, and by phone, our advice is accessible to all and unique to each investor’s goals and financial circumstances. We serve millions of retirement plan participants through leading employers and financial institutions. Using proprietary advice technology, proven financial methodology, and the […] Read more