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Ah, hello there. How are you? Our job at the Squid Research Lab is to study this fascination creature and to present our findings on its ecological curiosities.

This particular squid has the capability to transform into a humanoid! This particular squid can in fact transform into a humanoid! In squid form, they can dive into and become one with their ink, while in humanoid form… they can utilize various tools to cover turf with it. Even though the official name of this breed of squid in “Inkling” we just call them squids. The can alter their eye color and skin tone like the common squids.

The Octarians commonly called the octopus is the natural nemesis of the squids. In combat situations these squids can change the color of their tentacles. It seems that one “Cap’n Cuttlefish” has ordered the inklings to take back a Zapfish stolen by the Octarians. With Cap’n Cuttlefish’s expert advice, they may just take back that Zapfish.”