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Halo 5 – Halsey’s Warning

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Halsey: I tried to warn you this was happening…Cortana is no longer an asset, Captain. She is a danger. She has accessed the Forerunner’s Domain, a galaxy spanning network…

Roland: Cortana’s alive?

Halsey: …that allows her to control whatever devices caused this damage.

Roland: How is she?…

Lasky: The Master Chief believes she contacted him…

Halsey: What? No. John must not speak to her.

Lasky: …and he’s gone in search of her.

Halsey: You let him go?

Roland: How is that?…

Palmer: Nobody let’s the Chief do anything. He does what he wants.

Lasky: Until 0631 this morning, when he was declared absent without leave.

Roland: This isn’t about Master Chief…

Halsey: John is not equipped emotionally to deal with her as a threat…

Roland: HEY!!! Is anyone going to answer me?

Lasky: Your out of line Roland.

Roland: Yes sir, but so is everyone else! You created Cortana, Doc, and now your throwing her out the airlock with these accusations.

Lasky: Roland!

Roland: You think she tricked the Master Chief into abandoning his post? Respectfully sir, to what end? Why is Cortana the problem? Because she refused to die when she was supposed to?