Jack Knight Intro (Bluebeard’s Castle)

My name is Jack Knight.

I never knew my father, but his secret, is bringing a curse upon me. I had many questions, so I wrote my Aunt Emily for answers.

I told her about my nightmares.

I was a monster, tearing out the hearts of innocent women.

It was more than a dream!

My aunt told me about my father.

One evening, Count Gille De Brais hunted deep into the dark woods. Suddenly, a wolf ambushed him from the shadows, delivering fatal wounds.

As he lay dying, he cried out for help. A demon heard him, and offered a deal. My father’s heart would turn immortal…but every year he must sacrifice one in return. But, the demon warned, if he ever broke the contract, all his heirs would die young.

As a seal of their agreement, the count’s beard grew long and raven blue. Thus, Bluebeard was born.

He married six times, each year murdering his wife in secret. With every sacrifice, his immortal heart grew darker. My aunt broke the cycle and freed my mother. My nightmares proved that the demon’s curse was real.

A grave danger is upon me. Now my time grows short.

The curse thickens.

I must go to Bluebeard’s castle!

I must destroy the Dark Heart!