Muddyshoes Drabble – The Stolen Zebra

Notes: A ‘drabble’ is a story of exactly 100 words that contains a beginning, a plot and an ending. I wrote this for my writing Meetup group in 2008. I included this one in the ‘character’ script section because of the different voices involved. The name Mabatu below, is pronounced “Mah-BAH-Too.”

– Muddyshoes



“Who stole my zebra,” asked Mabatu? “Not I,” said the ostrich, “For I have no hands to pull his rope.” “Not I,” said the old Lion, “for I was once kicked by a zebra’s mighty hooves.” Mabatu scratched his head, turned and looked toward the snake and asked, “Snake, did you steal my zebra?” The snake said, “Oh no, the zebra is much too big to fit into my home inside that old log. At last, Mabatu asked the medicine man, “Have you seen my zebra, old man?” The old man smiled innocently, shook his head “no”, and then burped.