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These public domain voice over scripts are available as a resource for voice actors to practice. They have been compiled by talent just like you who are working together to make the voice over industry better for everyone. Since these scripts are widely available, we suggest not using them for a demo but they are great for practice! View all voice over script categories

You have messed with the primitive forces of nature Mr. Miles, and I forbid it, do you understand? You think you stumbled across one bad deal but that’s not it. The Italians will have left the country with billions of dollars and they will return it. It’s mandatory tidal gravity, ebb, and flow, or ecological balance. You are a man who is old and thinks in terms of peoples and nations. There are no peoples or nations. No Russians, no Arabs, no third worlds, and no west. There is only one immense, interactive, interwoven, vast, multi-varied, and deep holistic system of systems. A multinational dominion of almighty dollars. Electro dollars, petrodollars, Riechmarks, rens, pounds, rubles, and shekels. A system of currency that determines the possibility of life on this planet, the natural order of things, and those that are atomic and subatomic. You are disturbing the primal forces of nature, and you will pay.