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These public domain voice over scripts are available as a resource for voice actors to practice. They have been compiled by talent just like you who are working together to make the voice over industry better for everyone. Since these scripts are widely available, we suggest not using them for a demo but they are great for practice! View all voice over script categories

Alecia Beth Moore, otherwise known as Pink or P!nk, grew up convinced she was adopted. She believed Madonna was her mother and didn’t speak to her real mom for almost a year. Although she now accepts she was not the royal daughter of a pop star, she does think it’s possible to become one on her own, even without a lineage. In 2000 she caught some attention with “Can’t Take Me Home,” her debut album. She burst on the scene as a neon-haired fiery “white girl who sings like a black girl.” For the remake of “Lady Marmalade,” she performed in garters and a top hat, and her unique style made her a household name. Now she has the world’s attention, and we’re ready to see what she does next, without psychedelic booty shorts.