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“Pink” Behind The Music

Alecia Beth Moore, otherwise known as Pink or P!nk, grew up convinced she was adopted. She believed Madonna was her mother and didn’t speak to her real mom for almost a year. Although she now accepts she was not the royal daughter of a pop star, she does think it’s possible to become one on […] Read more

A Tribute to the Armed Forces

We are here to celebrate the heroism, valor, and loyalty of our armed forces and their families. Katherine Cathey would not leave her husband’s casket and begged to be allowed to sleep beside him one last time. Second Lt. James Cathey, United States Marine Corps, was killed in Iraq. Her husband’s comrades made up a […] Read more

Abraham Lincoln

If you ever get discouraged, reflect on this man. He ran a country store, dropped out of grade school, and went broke at a young age. He worked for 15 years to pay off his debts. He ran for House and lost twice. Ran for Senate and also lost twice. His marriage wasn’t a happy […] Read more

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln rose from his chair and advanced toward the podium. He was now at the height of his power, with the Civil War nearly won. In one hand, he held a single sheet of paper, typeset and printed in double columns. The foreboding clouds threatened another downpour. Then, reported Noah Brooks, journalist and friend […] Read more

Albert Einstein

Well-known genius Albert Einstein was one of our greatest physicists. He was born to his Jewish parents in Ulm, Germany, and spent many years in Switzerland. He became a Swiss citizen in 1901 and achieved a Doctorate of Philosophy in 1905 at Zurich University. While employed as a patent clerk, he published his first Theory […] Read more

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist born in 1879 and one of the most influential scientists who ever lived. Although he is best known for his theory of relativity, he made other significant contributions to quantum mechanics. His equivalence formula E=mc2 is one of the most famous equations in history. He received the Nobel Prize […] Read more

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart dared to go where no one had gone before. The public adored the pioneering pilot. And newsreels of the day captured her every move. Yet the private side of Amelia would always remain an enigma […] Read more

Amelia Earhart – One

A warm summer’s day. A young woman’s life is radically changed in a matter of hours. 20 hours and 40 minutes, to be exact. The time it took Amelia Mary Earhart to become the first woman to fly across the Atlantic . . . as a passenger on a flight toward destiny. On June 18, […] Read more

Amelia Earhart – Two

Some say things can’t be done. Others do them, proving that with the right combination of bravado and talent, there’s no telling what you can accomplish. Nicknamed “Lady Lindy,” Amelia Earhart was not only the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. She held women’s speed, and distance records and then earned her place […] Read more

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams, more than any other individual, brought Yosemite and the national park idea to the American people. His photographs, his letters, his lobbying of Congress, presidents, and the National Park Service spanned seven decades. They served, and still serve, to make millions aware of Yosemite’s beauty and to call attention to the dangers it […] Read more