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#1: Seattle, like many large cities, is really a collection of neighborhoods — small towns if you will — that combine to give the appearance of one large urban center. But take the time to look a little closer and you’ll discover each section of the city is distinct in character, with its own attractions and reasons to visit. If you seek Seattle’s Scandinavian heritage, head for Ballard. If you want a little Asian flavor, the International District should be your destination. Spectacular views? Try Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, West Seattle, or Magnolia. Whatever you seek in leisure, recreation, entertainment, or dining, you’ll be sure to find it in one of Seattle’s neighborhoods.


#2: Welcome to the most exciting city in the Pacific Northwest. We know you’ll enjoy visiting Seattle as much as we do living here. During your stay, we encourage you to take the time to savor the things that have made Seattle the number-one vacation destination in the country. Visit leading attractions such as the Seattle Center, Pike Place Market, Woodland Park Zoo, and the Aquarium. Experience our lovely parks and waterways. Attend a play, symphony, or major league sports event. And dine on our world-famous seafood and regional cuisine. Once you come to know us, we hope you’ll want to return again soon, and often.