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Narration Documentary Free Voice Over Scripts


In 1930 an Iowa artist named Grant Wood asked his sister and his dentist to pose for a painting, a tribute to the tough rural stock of America. He dressed his sister in a simple frock, a white collarheld close around her neck by a brooch. The dentist he outfitted in overalls, a band collar […] Read more


Giant snakes have a reputation of being aggressive. The anaconda measures over 16 feet and weighs 180 pounds. Its mouth is like a clamp and an animal struggling to get free only sets the grip tighter. At the same time it sets its bite, the anaconda loops its powerful coils around its victim and begins […] Read more


During the short winter season, some of the wealthier foreigners dabbled in archaeology driven by scientific curiosity and inquisitiveness. But the ultimate – an intact tomb of the Pharaoh had not yet been found. One man hoped to change that. Howard Carter, the sickly son of an English painter, had first come to Egypt as […] Read more


Far to the south lies a land of dazzling snowfields, crystalline glaciers, and dramatically carved ice mountains soaring above an untamed frozen wilderness. There are no human sounds in this land of primeval beauty, only the wild cries of birds, seals, and whales echoing across a vast expanse of land and sea. Experience the wonders […] Read more


Mention Argentina and images of gauchos and the tango come to mind. But for many who visit it’s also a country full of natural treasures. These range from its barren northern landscapes to the sheer beauty of the soaring Andes. From spectacular thousand-foot high waterfalls – to its extensive wine region.   At the center […] Read more


Whether one comes by air, sea, or land, the visitor to Athens enters a metropolis. It’s a huge city … an urban sea, surging around a few outcroppings of rock … a sea which spreads a little farther with each passing year. Built around the remains of antiquity, the modern city of Athens has sent […] Read more


A western narred bandicoot scampers through dense scrub and thickets after nightfall, searching for food. The little marsupial adeptly unearths insects and roots with its sharp foreclaws, and with its long nose probes the sandy soil and crevices for seeds and herbs. During the day, the solitary bandicoot nestles into a shallow nest to sleep, […] Read more


The American rock group, The Beach Boys, are known for their rich vocal harmonies and for songs about cars, love, and surfing in the California sun. The band was formed in 1961 by three brothers from Hawthorne, California – Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson, their cousin Mike Love, and a friend Al Jardine. The Beach […] Read more


In 1997 it was hard not to believe in Big Forks dark side. The ruthless murder of a well-known resident stunned the town. The crime loomed over this bayside village for months, as the astonishing facts about who was behind the killing came to light. Big Fork Montana, an isolated outpost on the shore of […] Read more


Wondering what it’s like to be a student at Boston University? Take one of our virtual tours to learn about the lives of some of our students and their varying backgrounds, interests and majors. Freshmen can learn more about what to expect during their first year at BU including time management, how college differs from […] Read more