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To begin with, let us talk about what voiceover international connectivity is. Connectivity for the voiceover industry is the ability for two studios to be connected remotely anywhere in the world. For example, a studio in Germany could be connected to a studio in New Zealand. Why is this service important? It enables voiceover artists to be directed and work with the client on the other end of the session.

Once upon a time, a voice talent would have laughed at the idea of being able to connect with a studio on the other side of the planet. But those days lacked the technological advancements we enjoy today. There was no internet, mobile phones, mp3s, or YouTube. Even the voice actors were exceedingly rare in comparison.

So, with that in mind, let us take a look at the options readily available for voice performers worldwide today:

Source Elements and Source Connect – Who are They and What Do They Do

Source Elements offers the most popular connectivity services globally for voice talent today. They have a range of connectivity products to serve various industries and practitioners. However, in this instance, the products for a voiceover professional would be Source Connect Now or Source Connect Standard. So, what’s the difference between the two? Well, Source Connect Now is a free service hosted via a web browser. Source Connect Standard is a monthly subscription that offers more functionality via the Source Connect software. The software can also be purchased with a perpetuity license; however, it does not come with the updates and support offered with the monthly subscription. A result of this is that it is less popular amongst voiceover professionals. Source Elements also offer a community hub and a training academy in connectivity.

Browser-Based Connectivity – Clean Feed

Clean Feed, like Source Connect Now (The free one), offers a free browser-based service. Clean Feed is a remarkably similar service that works similarly to Source Connect Now. Its highlights include being able to download the session in live time (You do not need to wait for the session to end), meaning you have plenty of backups. The download comes in WAV file format and has an ongoing timer where you can monitor the session playing out. It offers everything you would expect from a connectivity service and is extremely popular amongst voice actors.

The Altnerative – Vortex

Vortex is the new kid on the block with a range of products, but its most relevant service for voiceover actors is called ‘CallMe.’ Presently CallMe offers the opportunity for a one-on-one session, whereas its competitors invite several participants to join the call. However, the usability is simple and intuitive. The software is not at the mercy of the browser to store the recording. The session is conducted on a browser, but the session is backed up on the CallMe servers. This means there is less danger of losing your work. Vortex is in the process of upgrading the service to invite multiple participants to the session. If you are reading the article, they have probably already made this upgrade. This, in turn, means they are going head-to-head with their competitors. Of course, the service comes with a subscription cost.

Where it All Began – ipDTL

Here we have one of the founding fathers of software-based connectivity providers. ipDTL is limited to 6 participants at once and comes with a very modest subscription fee. The service is only 1$ to try out for three days. The service has a massive range of international clients associated with it. Voiceover artists worldwide have used this service for years, and it is well-established in the industry.

Before There Was Software, There Was Hardware – ISDN

ISDN is an outdated product that is rarely asked for these days, but I will share some information for educational purposes. This service was conducted via a special hardware-based box through the phone line. The service was not as strong as what we use today, but it was once the only way of achieving connectivity.

Connectivity for Voice Actors Internationally

So there we have it, the top picks on modern-day connectivity for voiceover artists internationally! All the links can be found in the bios above so you can begin searching for the right fit for your voiceover business.


Connecting with Studios Internationally as a Voiceover Artist by Alan Shires – Actor, Voiceover Artist, and Presenter at www.alanshires.co.uk