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With a never-ending list of makeup do¹s and don¹ts, it¹s nice to know that this summer¹s look emphasizes a Latina¹s natural belleza.


A healthy, sun-tanned glow is the face all trend-setting women will strive for. Fortunately, many Latinas have a genetic advantage and will likely be envied by those in desperate need of sun rays.


There¹s no need to layer on the powder to avoid the shine that appears due to heat, making this season¹s “in” look shimmery and natural. Don¹t worry if you¹re a little shiny, that¹s the style. If you wish to forgo foundation altogether, but want some coverage, then wear a tinted moisturizer.


To complement the freshly-woken-up-face look, eyebrows need to be grown back. Pencil-thin brows are history, says López-Rivera. Today, they are replaced with a thicker, more natural version. They should still be groomed, but not over-plucked. And while we¹re saying adiós to thin brows, welcome moist, kissable lips – this season¹s hot item.


For Hispanic men, this season¹s emphasis is placed on developing and maintaining a proper skin care regimen. Since men aren¹t able to camouflage their imperfections with foundation, they need to concentrate on prevention rather than correction. It¹s important for men to cleanse their skin with a product made specifically for the facial area and for their skin type. Exfoliating cleansers increase circulation, giving the face a healthy glow, and remove dead skin cells that can cause breakouts. After the face is cleansed, remove further impurities by soaking a cotton ball with an astringent (toner) and gently massaging it all over the face‹an important step most men neglect.


Another common skin mistake men make is neglecting moisturizing. Applying a facial cream or lotion can stall the aging process and make the skin look healthier.