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Forty-three year old Jack Kennedy, two-term senator from Massachusetts, was the youngest president ever elected. His wife, 31-year old Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, a former New York debutante, was the youngest first lady.

Baby John junior and his three year old sister Caroline, were conspicuously missing when their father was sworn in as the 35th president of the United States on January 21st, 1961. John and Caroline stayed at home with their nanny. Jackie, who grew up with an alcoholic father, was determined to give her kids as normal a childhood as possible – even in the white house.

Outsiders were warned to keep a proper distance from John junior and Caroline. Jackie made sure that even the secret service were not to pamper these kids. She’d say she didn’t want grown men picking up after her children. She’d tell the secret service “when we’re at the beach, drowning is my responsibility – I’ll take care of them”.