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The introduction of video games for a voiceover artist can be scary as well as exhilarating. Video game voice acting is unique as it combines a truthful performance of a character with an exaggerated fantasy scenario. This article will explore the introduction elements for video game voice acting and the journey thus far.

How did Video Game Voiceover Come to be?

The last 20 years have been phenomenal for voice actors wanting to work in video games because, prior to that, voiceovers in this sector were few and far between. Going back to the days of Tetris voiceover did not exist in video games. The earlier memorable phrases in video games come from retro games like Mario with the iconic ‘Let’s Go’ catchphrase. Since then, voiceover has grown and evolved to something which almost all video games utilize without fail.

How Video Game Voice Acting Differs

The Voiceover Industry has a mass number of different channels for voiceover. Be it commercials, narration, telephone on hold, radio, and many other genres. Video games allow the performer to live out the most surreal experiences in their character. One moment they may be an alien in space; the next, they might be soldiers dying on the battlefield. Of course, there are a lot of naturalistic situations as well.

The Similarities in Video Game Voice Acting

In the commercial article, you can learn more about the ‘authentic Read’ or the ‘natural Read’ as it is more commonly known. This style is all about being genuine and truthful. This is something that is required in video games, but a voiceover artist needs to also have versatility. A dying scene will require skills that are not typically experienced daily, such as manic screaming. Versatility is essential to jump between different styles, but the common denominator across all performance styles is to deliver truth.

Different Types of Video Games in Voiceover

The video game industry has a massive range of games. This can vary from racing games, shooters, sports games, fantasy games, and every other style you can think of. Video game voice acting does not always follow the main characters or those included in the cut scenes. There is a range of characters that are known as ‘NPCs.’ NPC stands for ‘Non-Playable Characters.’ Imagine, for instance, you go to a shop to refill supplies; the shop clerk is likely to be an NPC meaning this is the extent of your interaction, and he is entirely computer controlled.

Video Game Voice Acting

Video game voice performance certainly takes the energy commitments expected of a performer on a stage. Still, it is complemented nicely with the naturalist and genuine style expected in a commercial read. With this industry expanding and new realms of gaming entertainment constantly coming into the industry, such as virtual reality, it is fair to approximate that work for voiceover artists will continue to come in with new styles and techniques.


Video Game Voice Acting by Alan Shires – Actor, Voiceover Artist, and Presenter at www.alanshires.co.uk