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You’re watching a bad movie.

She puts her hand on your knee.

You’re watching the greatest movie in the history of film.

From movies to breath-mints.

Visa, it’s everywhere you want to be.


Imagine a world where coffee breaks last all day. —and where your cup is always full —(liquid pours) Thank you. It’s where the coffee world meets the cyber-world, and you can be there with the smart new Visa card’s remarkable chip technology. And at the Web Shack Cafe in London, you can buy your coffee with VISA –but not American Express, not even Blue. Learn more at Visa.com.


Afraid the “you” shopping online isn’t you? Now Visa offers a service to help alleviate that fear. Introducing Verified by Visa- a new service that helps protect Visa cards from unauthorized online use with a personal Verified by Visa password. Once it’s activated, the card will be recognized when a purchase is made at participating online stores. No password, no Visa purchase. It’s that simple. Just visit: visa.com/verified for more information and to find out if your Visa card is eligible for this service. Now you don’t have to miss out on the convenience of shopping online.