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UGC is a phrase being used commonly on social media and via marketing streams globally at the moment. By no surprise, performers are seeing it more and more in briefs and on audition materials. So what is UGC? that is the first question. The second question is, how do voiceover and UGC work together? Well, let’s delve in.

What is UGC

UGC stands for ‘User Generated Content’ and is typically associated with short videos, also known as ‘Reels.’ With TikTok’s current in-trend social phenomenon captivating everyone’s smartphones, video-based content is surging like never before. UGC ranges from someone trying to build influencer status from their iPhone to big companies creating content regularly. Content can be made by anyone, young or old, business or individual, and it does not matter – it is coming from all directions. If you have ever seen a reel on any social media platform, there is a good chance it is choreographed as opposed to a real-life event. Many UGC projects mention that it reconstructs real-life events at the end of the video/reel.

UGC Voiceover Opportunities

So where does voiceover fit into the world of UGC if it is video based opposed to audio based? Though it is true actors and presenters are getting a large stake in the UGC pie, there is a significant amount of work available for voiceover artists too. The voice talent is regularly asked to add a voiceover to match the captions or a narration explaining what is happening in the video. It is a new and unique performance genre growing vastly more popular. Many actors and presenters are recording themselves at home on videos carrying out UGC work for their clients. Later these same actors add voiceover to the job.

UGC and Voiceover

Most voiceover artists know and believe that performance is the same regardless of the environment. In short, a voice actor is an actor. This is a good attitude to have with UGC. If actors and presenters are getting voiceover work from the UGC project, the same is true in reverse. There is ample scope for voiceover artists to book the acting and presenting jobs that accompany a UGC voiceover project. The most exciting part of this concept is that it is all just acting. The same skills required in front of the microphone translate perfectly to the camera too.

Where to Find UGC

Have you ever watched a reel you resonate with? Or found something you suspect is UGC opposed to real-life events? Look at who published the video to learn who is producing this content. Hundreds of companies worldwide are trending with UGC content regularly, so reaching out to these companies is a good place to start. Social media is the typical space for content to be circulated, so a large social following is a good indicator of how successful a company is. You can also check out their websites once you find a brand you want to work with. To learn about what equipment you need in UGC you can find out more in our equipment article.


Voiceover and UGC by Alan Shires