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Ever wondered how to approach an audition? Ever been worried about what you see on the page? Then the good news is you are in the right place as during this article; we will look at best practices for voiceover artists auditioning. Depending on where the talent is in their career, the depth of their experience with auditions will vary. Though there is not one rule that will fit all, it is easy to ascertain that some common tips are transferable regardless of the script, genre, or experience level.

Make Auditioning Make Sense to You

Sometimes the words on the page do not sink in. When reading it, the words can be received but not understood. Clarity is key. The way to make a line make sense is to contextualize it with what comes after and what comes before. You are also completely permitted to ask whoever sent the script for clarity. It is better to ask and get it right than to guess and get it wrong. The reassuring news is that if it does not make sense to you, the odds are it doesn’t make sense to everyone else too.

When the Artist Goes the Extra Mile

Sometimes to really consecrate a line in your mind and heart, you may want to memorize it. This is particularly helpful when you have an in-person audition (as rare as they are for many of us). An amazing way to do this is to read it seven times over and over. The danger with this is the possibility of potentially paraphrasing. The reassuring element to this is the freedom that comes with having put the script down will elevate your performance massively. To summarise, if you swap out a word or two in the audition but deliver an amazing performance, you will probably get away with it.

Voiceover Artists Auditioning With the Edits

Some voice talent never edit. Others edit every time. Often the edit is thought of as the decorations on a fine cake or the final touches to a work of art. Others believe the editing should be left to the professionals who really know what they are doing. The question is, which approach is correct? well, the answer is both.

If you are confident with your audio edit and it improves your performance , go for it! If you have no idea what you are doing, leave it to the pros. What I will highlight, though, is the importance of knowing basic editing. Being able to take a breath and deal with background noise is super simple and will benefit you massively.

Share Your Voiceover Artists Auditioning Tips

The key is to deliver the best performance you know how. If you are struggling with the technical side of it, reach out for support. Similar to riding a bike, when one learns the basics of editing, it is something that stays embedded for life. When submitting audio, if it doesn’t sound good to you, it won’t sound good to the client, either.


Voiceover Artists Auditioning Top tips by Alan Shires – Actor, Voiceover Artist, and Presenter at www.alanshires.co.uk.