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Advisories and Public Service Announcements Free Voice Over Scripts

Advance Tech

Welcome to advance technology incorporated, dedicated to meeting the challenges of a growing business. Your job as a new employee is important to us and your achievements are a critical factor in the success of this company. Our comprehensive software offers essential information about policies and procedures, benefit packages, performance reviews, education, and training opportunities […] Read more


Memory loss. Trouble remembering simple words. Repeating statements or questions. Is it just forgetfulness or Alzheimer’s disease? If you have a loved one exhibiting these signs or struggling to accomplish everyday tasks, it may not signify normal age progression. Only a doctor can evaluate Alzheimer’s symptoms such as forgetfulness and diagnose the disease. It is […] Read more

American Bar Association

Join the American Bar Association to stay current on legal developments, earn CLE credit, and enjoy exclusive savings. The ABA offers expertise on a national scope, career and practice advice, networking opportunities with legal professionals from the U.S., and much more. As a lawyer licensed to practice in one of the states, territories, or possessions […] Read more

American Cancer Society – One

Ask any of the 50 million Americans who smoke how tough it is to quit. Although the effects on health and longevity are well known, it still takes exceptional willpower to break the habit. A free video is now available from the American Cancer Society to help smokers that can’t quit alone. Contact us for […] Read more

American Cancer Society – Three

Ask one of the 3 million Americans who’ve survived cancer if the money spent on research is worth it. Please help […] Read more

American Cancer Society – Two

If you think just one person can’t make a difference, consider your American Cancer Society. Call us to learn about our patient services, which help thousands every year. Call 1-800-ACS-2345. You’ll get a support system that’s human and caring, one person at a time […] Read more

American Intercultural Student Exchange

Thousands of caring U.S. families host more than 2,000 American Intercultural Student Exchange students each year. Families like yours turn to AISE to host exchange students for a full school year. Students speak English and have their own medical insurance and spending money. Open your heart and home to an exchange student, meet others from […] Read more

Americans For the Arts

There’s just not enough art in our schools. No wonder people think Louis Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. It’s a long way from the Apollo Theatre to the Apollo program, but for Louie Armstrong, giant leaps for mankind were simply a matter of course. For more information about the benefits […] Read more

Anheiser Busch

These are our kids. And just like your kids, it seems what we tell them goes in one ear and out the other. But guess what! When it comes to*aking a tough decision like whether or not to drink, kids say parents have more influence than anyone. So talk to your kids. Let’s work together […] Read more

Anti-Drug Campaign – One

Jimmy is a straight-A student and the star athlete in his class. He’s the best son a parent could ask for, but even great kids can make bad decisions. Last week Jimmy lost his best friend Tommy to drugs. Stress and depression can make kids vulnerable to drug use. Stay off drugs, and get the […] Read more