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Advisories and Public Service Announcements Free Voice Over Scripts


My boy Jimmy is quite a kid. The star athlete in his class, a straight-A student, just about the best son a father could ask for. But last week, he lost his best friend Tom … to drugs. Even good kids like Jimmy and Tommy can make bad decisions. Stay off drugs. Make the rest […] Read more


At 4:00 my kid will be at _________________________. If you can’t fill in the blank, you need to start asking. It’s a proven way to steer kids clear of drugs. It’s not pestering. It’s parenting. ASK: WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? QUESTIONS. THE ANTI-DRUG […] Read more


It’s not half as uncomfortable as talking to your kids about sex. But just as important. Talking to your kids about marijuana can clear up a lot of the questions they might have. And the ones you might have, too. Talking about marijuana can also make your kids feel more at ease in dealing with […] Read more


There’s something you can do — right now — that will ease the pain of arthritis in years to come. By remembering The Arthritis Foundation in your will, you can help us find ways to stop this serious, often crippling disease. A disease that affects one in every seven Americans. Call THE ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION, at […] Read more


For a kid with asthma, the joys of childhood quickly become living nightmares. A playful kitten, a cuddly puppy, a bouquet of flowers, all are potential triggers for terrifying attacks. Don’t let Asthma rob another childhood. Call 1800-Lung-USA. The American Lung Association […] Read more


Founded more than 100 years ago, Blythedale Children’s Hospital is a 92 bed non-profit children’s hospital serving youngsters from birth through age 19. Through its inpatient and day hospital programs, it treats more than 300 children daily making it one of the largest children’s services in the state. In addition, the hospital provides diagnosis and […] Read more


Put this card in the hands of a child and there’ll be no room for a gun. A needle. Or a knife. It’s only a piece of paper, but that little membership card has helped keep millions of kids off drugs, out of gangs and in school. To learn how you can help the Boys […] Read more


Remember your best friend from childhood? Remember swearing you’d be best friends forever. Well she just found a lump in her breast. One out of every eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. With your help, we will change that statistic. So join the fight. If not for yourself, for someone you love […] Read more


In the U.S. alone, over 200,000 women and 1,300 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year – 40,000 will die. Let’s not rest until we win the battle against breast cancer. With your help, we can erase this disease – for good. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation […] Read more

Building Announcement

MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION! – MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION ! This is the building management. A situation currently exists that requires everyone to immediately exit the building. Please remain calm and follow the exit signs directing you to the emergency stairwell exit on the EAST side of the building and relocate to the […] Read more