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Advisories and Public Service Announcements Free Voice Over Scripts


From musical instruments to furniture to flooring–all around the world–just about anything can be made out of independently certified wood that carries the Forest Stewardship Council label. It’s certified wood: wood as good as the forest it comes from. A forest that has been independently certified to meet the highest standards for environmentally and socially […] Read more


You Don’t Have To Be a Special Agent to Protect Our Forests. Everyone can help. Ask for the Forest Stewardship Council label when you buy wooden furniture, flooring, lumber and other forest products. The nonprofit FSC label is your assurance that forests are managed well. That’s why World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, Rainforest Alliance and the […] Read more


Man’s best friend. Woman’s best friend. Kid’s best friend. Anyone living with cancer’s best friend. Meet Sparkle. She’s a playful pooch that’ll brighten your day. Especially since Russ Berrie and Company will donate a portion of the proceeds to Gilda’s Club Worldwide, a nonprofit organization that provides loving support and vital resources to people living […] Read more


Does a hero know she’s a hero if no one tells her? Do you know a hero no one else knows? A hero doesn’t have to save a busload of school kids from certain disaster. Or score the winning point to the big game. A hero can be anyone who inspires you, anyone you look […] Read more


Will she look at magazines and think she has to be as thin as the models she sees? Think that independence makes her less desirable? Lower her expectations because she can’t find women to look up to? Will she grow up questioning the things we don’t? Will she be confident enough that these issues don’t […] Read more

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary-Wells Fargo

May 27, 1937. As evening descends to a chorus of oohs and aahs, where the night before stood only blackness, an icon of human accomplishment now illuminates the sky, and a new era of connectivity and commerce is ushered in with celebration and fireworks. It was at that moment that the Golden Gate Bridge became […] Read more

HEAR – Informative – motherly – urgency

Your hearing may not be something that you think too much about. But after exposing your ears to repeated loud decibel levels in music and noise, you may be very concerned about protecting what’s left of it. Hearing loss from noise is irreversible. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. The good news is that it’s completely […] Read more


Just like one out of every ten of us, I have a hearing loss. I was able to overcome my hearing loss thanks to hearing aids–one in each ear. Today, most people with hearing loss can be helped either through advances in hearing aid technology or medical treatment. but to get help you must act. […] Read more


Children have a right to appropriate early reading instruction based on their individual needs. International Reading Association – making a difference means making it different […] Read more


Hyundai’s a proud sponsor of the Jimmy Fund. Hyundai and the Jimmy Fund help these kids fight cancer […] Read more