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Advisories and Public Service Announcements Free Voice Over Scripts


Who have you inspired today? Introducing Another Kind of Hero. Just a few hours in Junior Achievement can open a whole new world of learning for kids. They understand how to start a company, how to be a leader and even how to shake a hand with confidence. Right now, we need your time in […] Read more


America needs more schools that encourage our children to fulfill their promise. So they can succeed in the competitive world they will soon face. Call 1-800-96-PROMISE, and we’ll send you information on how you can help change the schools in your community. KEEP THE PROMISE […] Read more


When a child has a life-threatening illness, most people concede there’s nothing that can be done. But there is. Each child has a dream. Or a need. Or a wish. The sole ambition of Make-A-Wish is to grant these wishes. You can make a contribution to help other children experience their dream come true. Call […] Read more


Children diagnosed with cancer need specialized care right from the start. That’s why, if the diagnosis is cancer, you should call Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, first. Our team of specialists treats more children with cancer than any other hospital in the nation. With expertise and compassion, we are devoted to helping and healing children with […] Read more

Narration for Marching Band Competitions

1. (Very polite) The authority would like to remind the citizens to only perform music that utilizes major and minor scales, and to avoid dissonance and improvisation of any kind. Thank you. 2. (Mildly frustrated) At this time, the authority would like to remind the citizens to only play music that was written before the […] Read more


You baby is beautiful. And may be the picture of health. But there’s also a one in four chance he or she isn’t up-to-date with immunizations. One in four. Your child needs more than 12 shots over the course of five visits, before the age of two. So never assume your baby is on schedule. […] Read more


You’re the kind of parent who would do anything for your child. And so would we. We’re National PTA, and we support better education, more resources, and safer schools in the life of every child. Because from homework to recess, from friendships to family, your child’s development never stops. And neither will we. Come join […] Read more


There is no legacy more lasting than nature itself. That’s why the Nature Conservatory works with people like you to preserve special places close to your heart and home. Help us save the last Great Places around the world. Visit nature.org or call 1-888 –2- JOIN TNC […] Read more

News That Matters – OPB Radio Drive

You know all the reasons you turn to OPB. Those are the same reasons why it’s worthy of your investment. We wouldn’t be here without your support –It adds up to the largest share of the funding that pays for everything you hear on OPB. For instance, did you know that a single day of […] Read more


If you make time to talk to your kids about not smoking, your words will go with them wherever they go. So even if you’re not there, your influence can be. For information and advice to help you talk to your kids about not smoking, visit our Parent Resource Center at www.philipmorrisusa.com […] Read more