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Commercial Food & Beverage Free Voice Over Scripts

Creme Savers

A symphony of chocolate and caramel crème. Standing ovation optional. The next great flavor. Creamy, dreamy chocolate and caramel crème. Surrender to the swirl […] Read more

Crystal Light Grapefruit

Have you heard? New Crystal Light Grapefruit quenches a shade better. Unlike diet colas, Crystal Light Diet Soft Mix quenches nice and easy. Really fizz free. And when that light, luscious flavor goes down, it’s good to know only 4 calories a glass are going down with it. CRYSTAL LIGHT … for the quench of […] Read more

Crystal Light Pink Lemonade 2

After a tough work out, treat yourself to something right, like Crystal Light Pink Lemonade. Clean, crisp, lemony refreshing. So whatever you do to work out, treat yourself right…with Crystal Light […] Read more

Crystal Light Pink Lemonade 3

Never stop being tickled pink.. pink lemonade… five fruity calories.. that’s the beauty of Crystal Light […] Read more

Crystal Light Pink Lemonade1

Because water is boring and you’re not. Drinking more of that wonderful stuff called water? Wake it up with Crystal Light Tangy Pink Lemonade today. Luscious Peach Iced Tea tomorrow. All the water you need. All the taste you want. Always 5 calories a glass. Never, ever, dull […] Read more

Crystal Light Tea 1

So, you think you gotta go to the gym to keep in shape? Treat your self right. With New Crystal Light teas. Our new raspberry tea is icy crisp, with the taste of sun-ripened raspberries, but only 5 little calories. So, whatever you do to keep in shape, keep doing it. New Crystal Light Fruit […] Read more

Crystal Light Tea 2

Take a moment to drink it all in. 14 refreshing flavors, just 5 calories. Crystal Light. Enjoy life one sip at a time […] Read more

Crystal Light White and Green Teas

What a little twist does for your style, Crystal Light White and Green Teas do for your body. Flavorful teas with an antioxidant boost. Take your tea from pale to pumped with Crystal Light White and Green Teas […] Read more

Cubana Subunyal Wine

Ahh, it’s marvel is made only from the free run juice of the grape, and like most suberan thridals, made completely from the noble grape from which it’s named, Cubana Subunyal […] Read more

Cuisinart Pressure Cooker

Hey, have you thought about trying a pressure cooker? Once you try The Cuisinart Pressure Cooker, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t tried one sooner. It can cook just about anything in 30 minutes or less. The Cuisinart Pressure Cooker is gonna change the way you look at cooking […] Read more