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Commercial Food & Beverage Free Voice Over Scripts

Cactus Pepper Sauce

I serve Cactus Pepper Sauce to the trail hands ever day, cause they like their chow spicy! Believe me, that sauce keeps those cowboys boisterous and motivated. Oh, I just stir up Cactus Pepper Sauce from ingredients I find in the dessert, then I let it cure out in the chuck wagon. It’s a secret […] Read more

Cadbury Easter Eggs

You’re looking at a very unusual kind of egg from Cadbury that’s only around ‘til Easter. The shell is pure, thick Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate. But inside sits a sweet, creamy yolk. Creme Eggs from Cadbury. Why, they’re the best thing to come along since the Easter Bunny. And when he’s gone…they’re gone […] Read more

Caesar Select Dinners

What do you feed the head of the household? Only the best. Caesar Select Dinners. For someone special […] Read more

Cafe Vienna

Jenny and I don’t often get a chance to chat and go over things. She’s so very busy. That’s what I get for having such a bright and creative daughter! But, last Tuesday, she invited me out for coffee and we had such a wonderful time. We talked about old times, good friends — and […] Read more

Café Vienna – Commercial Version 2

Café Vienna…with that old-fashioned Viennese taste. Just perfect for catching up and looking back. Café Vienna is a delicate blend of naturally roasted coffee beans. Is it any wonder that so many people enjoy the relaxing feeling that comes from a cup of Café Vienna […] Read more

Caffe D’amore

Indulge in a daily cup of Zen and enter the Realm of Serenity. Introducing Caffe D’Amore’s newest line of aromatic teas from around the world. Cafe D’Amore. Just add water and sip […] Read more

Cain’s Lighthearted Salad Dressings

Ha ha ha ha ha! I’m pouring salad dressing all over my salad without guilt tagging along for the ride. Ha! Because I have here at my table six new salad dressings from Cain’s that are reduced calorie and saturated fat free. Good for my waistline, good for my heart, good for my sense of […] Read more

California Almonds

California almonds are in! When you’re talking almonds and the topic is fat, the good news is that it’s mostly monounsaturated, like the kind you find in olive oil. In fact, almonds are low in saturated fat, high in vitamin E and cholesterol free. So now that you know the skinny on fat, make sure […] Read more


You always knew Campbell’s was good; you just didn’t know how good tomatoes could be. Recent studies have shown that diets rich in tomato products are associated with the reduced risk of certain types of cancer, and all eight Campbell’s tomato soups are full of tomato goodness. Campbell’s… M’m M’m good […] Read more

Campbell’s Chunky Soup

Chunky Soup- Introducing Campbell’s Chunky Chili with Beans – four delicious, hearty varieties loaded with succulent, seasoned meat. It’s the perfect pre-game warm-up […] Read more