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Campbell’s Home Cookin’

What do Campbell’s kids eat when they’re not kids anymore? Introducing new Chicken and Pasta with Roasted Garlic from Campbell’s. Imagine perfectly diced chicken simmered in rich chicken broth and seasoned with robust notes of roasted garlic ….all brimming with crisp garden celery, fresh carrots, and deliciously plump penne and rotini. Home Cookin’ Soup that’s […] Read more

Campbell’s Ready To Serve

You always knew Campbell’s was good. You just didn’t know how good! Introducing Campbell’s Ready to Serve Soups. Now, seven of your favorites, like Classic Chicken Noodle and Classic Tomato come ready to eat. Just microwave and eat. It’s that easy. Campbell’s. M’m M’m good […] Read more

Campbell’s Soup Fun Favorites

What could be more fun than having lunch with Dinosaurs, Goldfish or a few Shining Stars? They’re 9 soups made especially for kids. They’re fun favorites from Campbell’s featuring 3 new varieties with pasta shapes: Tomato Goldfish, Chicken Goldfish and Dinosaur. Put fun where kids least expect it…in a soup bowl. Campbell’s. M’m! M’m! Good […] Read more

Campbell’s Tomato Soup

With Campbell’s tomato soup, your mouth’ll be psyched! Campbell’s tomato soup. M’m M’m Good […] Read more

Canadian Club

Your dad wasn’t a metrosexual. He didn’t do pilates, moisturize or drink pink cocktails. No your dad drank whiskey cocktails, made with Canadian Club served in a rocks glass. They tasted good. They were effortless. Canadian Club. Damn right your dad drank it […] Read more

Captain Morgan Rum

Captain Morgan Private Stock has all the charm and discipline of an aristocrat, with the brass of a seafaring rogue. Crafted from the Captain’s oldest and finest Puerto Rican rums, distilled from pure cane sugar molasses, then blended with refined island spices. The result is an exceptionally well-mannered spirit that doesn’t forget where it comes […] Read more

Carb Solutions Bar

It’s simple, really. You eat a Carb Solutions bar and it tastes delicious. So you have one for lunch or a snack, and you stay satisfied. You stay satisfied, and you stay low carb. You stay low carb, and you lose weight. See, simple. Carb Solutions, low carb that fits into life […] Read more


In Italy, you’ll find Florence. In this case, Florence is a cow. And it’s important, because Italian cheesemakers want it to make the best parmesan, and more of it. Knowing that cows fed certain feeds produced higher yields of parmesan, Cargill developed special feeds and a supply chain, so the cheesemakers get just the right […] Read more

Carnation Instant Breakfast

Every 24 hours, you get a whole new chance to take on the world. Get yourself ready with Carnation Instant Breakfast. With 21 vitamins and minerals and the energy you need to rise and shine all day Carnation Instant Breakfast from Nestle. Great Days Start Here […] Read more

Celentano Frozen Foods

You know, when mama cooked, nobody could beat the fresh aroma that came from her kitchen. Somehow, the sauce was always just right … the pasta so fresh, the taste so delicious. Now, there’s only one name to think of for food like Mama’s. Celentano’s Italian Frozen Entrees, with the freshness of a home cooked […] Read more