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Commercial Food & Beverage Free Voice Over Scripts

Breyers Ice Cream

At Breyers, we’re churning out an amazing new ice cream One with double the whoa…double the wow New Double Churned from Breyers The richest, creamiest tasting Breyers ice cream ever Amazing New Double Churned…Only from Breyers The new taste of ice cream […] Read more

Brita Water Filter

This Holiday, we’d like to encourage excessive drinking. Water, of course. Incredibly clear, fresh water. It’s the gift you give with Brita, and a healthy alternative to the usual holiday spirits. So go ahead, indulge…it’s a good thing. Happy and Healthy Holidays […] Read more

Brita Water Filter 2

Every drop tastes so crisp and fresh, you’ll think it has to be bottled water. But its fresh filtered Brita water. Great tasting water, without the bottle […] Read more

Bud Light

Bud Light: “The great taste won’t fill you up and never lets you down. Make it a Bud Light” […] Read more

Bud Light

Last night we brought over some Limearitas to Eva’s rooftop . Then Elise busted out her dance moves from summer of 08. That’s when we knew it was going to be one of those nights. Limearita. Make it a margarita moment […] Read more


I’m just a regular guy who wants the same thing everyone else wants, food, family, shelter, friends, and plenty of ice cold Budweiser. Just not necessarily in that order […] Read more

Budweiser 2

When it comes to really great beer, fresh rules. The clean, crisp taste of brewery fresh Budweiser. Fresh beer tastes better […] Read more

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings Wings. Beer. Sports. (Pictured – The Buffalo Wild Wings Moist Towelette.) Luckily it works on drool, too […] Read more

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

Did I ever tell you about that time I was panning at Copperhead Creek? Well, it was the luckiest day of my life, and it had nothing to do with all the gold I found. You see, something awful strange nudged my toe, and when I reached down to see what it was, well, you […] Read more

Butterball Turkey Spot

Butterball brings you the joys of turkey day. Friends and family drop in to bask in the warmth of the season. Celebrate this summer with Butterball turkey on the grill. Tender, juicy, surprisingly simple. HAPPY THANKSGRILLING from Butterball […] Read more